Venue: Suzhou

Location: Suzhou, China

Event Date/Time: Jul 11, 2010 End Date/Time: Jul 16, 2010
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The explosive adoption of the information and wireless technologies in nearly every aspect of the human society today has driven an exponential growth in demand for faster, cheaper, and more reliable memory and storage technology. Mainstream solid-state memory technologies such as DRAM, SRAM, and Flash continue to advance at a rapid pace to keep up with the market demand. However, the traditional solution relying on scaling is also fast approaching the end of the Moor’s Law. A breakthrough in technology that is compatible with the IC industry but relies on new principles of operation is critically needed to sustain the growth of the information era.

Resistive RAM (RRAM) has emerged as a very promising new alternative for future universal memory applications. A new class of nonvolatile memory materials and devices such as solid-state electrolytes, binary transition metal oxides, and perovskite oxides and others has offered high-speed read and write, excellent endurance, retention, low-power consumption and fully compatible with integration processes. We are witnessing a rapid growth in research activities as evidenced in the rapid growth in the number of publications in this field in applied-physics journals. Although the fundamental mechanisms are still under intense debate at the moment, we have good reasons to believe that the day to finally solve the puzzle is near, as intense research is leading to more systematic, comprehensive, and in-depth information of this new class of materials and devices.

This conference aims to capture this unique time and opportunity to provide a great impetus for the final breakthrough in this very important new field. The conference will provide a forum for researchers from academic institutions, government research laboratories, and semiconductor industries across the world, that are actively involved in both fundamental and applications-oriented research on nonvolatile memory, to disseminate their latest research results and technological achievements. In addition to providing a comprehensive overview and exposing the participants to the latest research findings in this exciting field, the conference will offer a platform for promoting interactions between researchers for networking, collaboration and sharing ideas between industrial R&D sector and academia.