Venue: Singapore

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Aug 01, 2010 End Date/Time: Aug 06, 2010
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Graphene, a single aromatic sheet of sp2 bonded carbon, exhibits novel electronic properties such as ballistic transport, massless Dirac fermions, Berry’s phase, high conductivity, and localization suppression. There are intense efforts to apply graphene materials in electronic, optoelectronic, capacitor and sensing applications. This is driven by the desire to discover new performance threshold in this novel material. Over the last few years, graphene has emerged as the most important new material for electronic condensed material research. It can be said that graphene research is providing the impetus for the post-CMOS all carbon electronics revolution. In the realm of chemistry, graphene and its derivatives can be used as useful templates for synthesis and functionalization. This conference will focus on the rapidly progressing science and technology of this novel two-dimensional system.

Oral sessions will include a series of invited and keynote talks reviewing state-of-the-art preparation methods of large-area, continuous graphene, by either chemical or physical means. Various sessions will also dedicate to topics on characterization methods, modeling of the band structure of graphene, new functionalities offered by nanoscale graphene devices, chemistry and applications of graphene derivatives or graphene composites. Related materials such as diamond and carbon nanotubes will also be covered, especially when the chemistry and physics converged with that of graphene.

The timeliness of holding this conference in Singapore: Graphene is undoubtedly the hottest topic in condensed matter research today. It is timely to organize the conference in Singapore because there is very strong core expertise and focus strength in graphene and related materials research in Singapore, spread across the two local universities and research institutes, involving no less than 100 dedicated researchers.