Venue: Potsdam

Location: Potsdam, Germany

Event Date/Time: Sep 12, 2010 End Date/Time: Sep 17, 2010
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The proposed conference will be the third one in the series of aerodynamics of heavy vehicles. The prior ones were held in Monterey, California (USA) in 2002 and Lake Tahoe, California (USA) in 2007.

The reduction of the vehicle drag is of persistent importance. Even a small reduction in drag could save a tremendous amount of fuel for the economy worldwide. At the same time emissions from vehicles need to be reduced following recent political discussions and anticipated new regulations. Safety of the vehicle, passengers and surroundings are other important issues. Innovative approaches need to be developed in order to reach all the goals.

In the field of high-speed trains topics to be considered are cross-wind effects, underbody flow, ballast projection, unsteadiness from tunnels, trains passing, flow separation as well as aerodynamically induced vibrations and noise. For heavy road vehicles reduction of the aerodynamic drag is the main issue.

Research is needed ranging from basic investigations to applications. Advances in physical understanding of flow phenomena, experimental simulation/ wind tunnel technique, full scale measurements, numerical simulation (CFD), active and passive flow control will help in reaching the above mentioned goals. Developed new concepts and technologies are to be incorporated into vehicle design processes and operation schemes.

In summary it can be stated that aerodynamics has to be considered for the improvement of save, reliable and environmentally acceptable ground transportation systems.

The conference is an ideal forum bringing together engineers and scientists from industry (manufacturers and operators of high-speed trains and trucks/buses), research establishments and universities for presentations and discussions of the relevant advances in engineering technology.