Event Date/Time: Apr 12, 2010 End Date/Time: Apr 14, 2010
Registration Date: Jan 20, 2010
Abstract Submission Date: Jan 20, 2010
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The role of information and communications technology(ICT) has emerged in the middle of the last decade of the twentieth century as important in strengthening the activities of all sectors, among which education and training. In fact, the extent to which ICT are integrated in the training and instructional institutions is considered a measurement for the development of these institutions. Innovation in ICT that support the educational and the training environment is still growing in advanced countries. This is why holding conferences and symposiums at an international level has become periodical and a necessity for this field so as to allow specialists to exchange ideas and to know the novelties in the field with the purpose of facilitating the development process and integrating it in the educational and training environment.

The Goals of the Symposium:

1. Highlighting innovations and applications of distance education and training technologies.

2. Introducing required criteria to achieve quality electronic distance learning and training.

3. Providing opportunity for educational and training institutions and those working in the field of ICT and exchange ideas.

4. Providing those working in the educational and training environment with the new developments in the field of ICT.

5. Encouraging researchers and those interested in the applications of ICT in the field of education and training to present their accomplishments and to use them in supporting the local electronic educational and training environment.

The Topics of the Symposium:

1. Applications of virtual and electronic education and training in:

· University environment and in the traditional training institutions and its role in developing virtual and electronic learning and training.

· Electronic/virtual labs.

· Electronic/virtual universities.

2. Applications of ICT in strengthening education environments in public education and in the pre-elementary school stage.

3. Criteria and characteristics that are required to strengthen electronic learning and training as well as distance learning and training.

4. Strategic technical planning to ensure the integration of ICT in educational and training environments.

5. Global experiments and innovations in electronic learning and training and in distance instruction and training.

6. Preparing human forces in the field of electronic and distance learning.

· Preparing specialists in the field of electronic and distance learning management, operation, and maintenance.

· Preparing designers in the field of content and curricula of electronic and distance learning.

7. The role of ICT in supporting special needs students.

· Hearing Disability

· Seeing Disability

· Learning Disability


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