Event Date/Time: Mar 30, 2010
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Copyright law affects the lives of faculty, scholars, researchers, and other library users today in unprecedented ways. Standard library activities, such as interlibrary loan and preservation copying, raise concerns for copyright holders, and yet the Copyright Act of 1976 recognized these as legitimate library activities - within certain parameters. The law has become dated as technology has advanced and libraries now struggle to comply with its provisions while still serving their user communities.

Join us online to discuss Section 108 of the US Copyright Act, which applies to limitations and exclusive rights of digitization and reproduction of library materials and archives. In this session, we will address:

* Providing photocopies to users
* Providing digital copies to users
* Preserving analog works
* Licensing's impact on the library exceptions
* Interlibrary loan in the 21st century

Librarians will learn how to identify policy issues and strategies for library practices that deal with digital preservation and reproduction. We will use fictional case studies throughout the program for direct application of the concepts that you are learning.