Designing and Delivering First-Year Seminar Courses

Venue: Online Webcast

Location: Online Webcast, Other

Event Date/Time: Apr 01, 2010
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First-year seminars can increase student retention and improve academic performance-but only if the seminar is designed and implemented well. Considerations include course outcomes, curriculum design, credit versus non-credit, and seminar funding.

Join us for this two-part webcast to learn how to design and implement successful first-year seminars that contribute to student performance and persistence. Both institutions that are creating a first-year seminar from scratch and those that are trying to improve an existing program will benefit from this two-part webcast.

In the first session, institutional researchers, business affairs administrators, registrars, academic affairs administrators, student affairs administrators, and first-year seminar coordinators/directors will learn:

* Different program structures that might work for your campus
* Implementation considerations
* Funding considerations

In the second session, faculty/staff and first-year seminar coordinators who create and teach the first-year seminar/student success courses will learn:

* Course outcomes and goals
* Key components to include in your seminar
* Appropriate learning activities for different parts of the course