The internationalisation of SMEs - International Conference (International Confer)

Venue: Pau

Location: Pau, France

Event Date/Time: Dec 01, 2010 End Date/Time: Dec 03, 2010
Registration Date: Nov 01, 2010
Abstract Submission Date: Feb 28, 2010
Paper Submission Date: Jun 30, 2010
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SMEs have to meet the challenges of an ever-changing business environment. They create wealth, provide employment and constitute agile and flexible actors in an increasingly complex context of globalization. Usually international SMEs are described as technology-intensive, but some researchers have also included more traditional or low-technological industries in their analysis.
For some SMEs, the decision to internationalize is imposed by their domestic market conditions while for others the decision to internationalize is truly part of the global vision of the entrepreneur from the very beginning: these companies are referred to as Born Global Firms. Since their appearance, BGFs have given a new dimension of globalization to western economies. Moreover, successful international SMEs and BGFs have begun to appear and thrive in emerging countries where they face new challenges.
So far, no event has been fully dedicated to the large spectrum of the internationalisation of SMEs. Much of the research on the internationalisation of SMEs has been fragmented with little possibility for generalisation and development of methods, concepts and theory. This highlights the relevance of our conference.
It is for this reason that the iSME Conference will explore for the first time the issues related to the internationalisation of SMEs. It will address and discuss them not only from the theoretical, but also from the practical perspective.
The official languages of the conference will be English and French and all papers should be submitted in English or French. All plenary and common sessions will be held in English. Workshops and panels will be held separately in English and in French.
The iSME Conference is organized in partnership with the Association Internationale de Recherche en Entrepreneuriat et PME (AIREPME) and sponsored by the Pau Béarn Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The conference is hosted at ESC Pau, Pau Business School. Two major scientific journals have joined us to be part of the conference. The Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development (JSBED) will publish a special issue on the basis of the best English papers. The Revue Internationale des PME (RIPME) will consider and review for submission (fast track) a selection of French papers.

The iSME Conference is for specialists in the theory and practice of international SMEs including:
- SME researchers and educators
- Entrepreneurs, consultants and practitioners
- Doctoral students
- Representatives of business and trade associations, governmental organisations
- All those interested in iSMEs

The conference focuses on discussions mainly covering the following topics of interest but is not limited to them.
The internationalisation of SMEs:
- Business Models for iSMEs;
- Innovative and entrepreneurial strategies for iSMEs
- Strategic IT for iSMEs
- Challenges and opportunities for western SMEs in emerging markets
- Family business and iSMEs
- Research and Development in iSMEs
- iSME Knowledge management and technology transfer
- Management innovation in iSMEs
- Relationships between MNC and iSMEs
The new kind of international SMEs:
- Born Global Firms (BGF) and International New Ventures (INV)
- Social and Green iSMEs
- Young and Women Entrepreneurs in iSMEs
- Intangibles Valuation and Intellectual Property Rights for iSMEs
- Innovative Supply Chain for iSMEs
- iSMEs in developing and transition economies
- Out-sourcing, KPO for iSMEs
Marketing issues for iSMEs:
- Strategic aspects for iSMEs
- Marketing alliances between iSMEs
- Branding and iSMEs
Financial issues for iSMEs:
- Business angels for iSMEs
- Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital in SMEs
- Financial aspects of iSMEs
- The impact of the financial crisis on iSMEs
Fostering iSMEs:
- Governmental and regional policies
- iSME entrepreneurship education
- University-iSME collaborations
- Business incubation management and leadership
- Clusters and networking for iSMEs
Human aspects in international SMEs:
- Behavioral characteristics of entrepreneurial activity
- Managing complexity, creativity and innovation
- Leadership, management & HR practices
- Management of iSME organizational change
- Corporate Governance in iSMEs
- SME international Management Culture

In addition to academic papers, case studies and papers with strong managerial implications will be given close attention.

Abstracts should not exceed 250 words.The abstract should reflect only what will appear in the paper. To produce a structured abstract, please complete the following fields about your paper. There are four mandatory fields (Purpose, Design, Findings and Value); the other two fields (Research limitations/implications and practical implications) may be omitted if they are not applicable to your paper.

Abstracts should be submitted in word files (.docx) before February 28th, 2010 to:

Full papers must be sent (.docx) by e-mail before June 30th, 2010 through Conftool.
Please go and see the web site:
Only the papers accepted and presented by at least one of the authors will be included in the proceedings (available on a USB key). The proceedings will also be available online on the AIREPME website.

All manuscripts will be double-blind reviewed. Manuscripts that exhibit most of the following characteristics will meet the selection criteria for acceptation to the iSME conference.
- Relevance and relation to the conference
- Originality/value
- Methodology and finding;
- Research limitations/implications
- Practical implications and social implications (if applicable)
- Language and style