Enterprise Architecture

Venue: Residenza di Ripetta

Location: Rome, Italy

Event Date/Time: Jun 14, 2010 End Date/Time: Jun 15, 2010
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Just as the futurists have been predicting for many years, the Information revolution has become a reality. Technology has penetrated every aspect of the Enterprise and its exploitation has impacted the very structure of many industries. The world has become a global, electronic marketplace. Enterprises are beginning to perceive the significance of process... process that knows no organisational boundaries, inside or outside of the Enterprise itself. Organisational hierarchies are becoming obsolete as power is clearly shifting from the top to the bottom and then beyond the Enterprise. Technology innovation proceeds at blinding rates. Enterprises are under heavy stress as global economies begin to react to the early phases of the Information age. Enterprise Architecture is fundamental for enabling an Enterprise to assimilate internal changes in response to the external dynamics and uncertainties of the Information age environment. It not only constitutes a baseline for managing change, but also provides the mechanism by which the reality of the Enterprise and its systems can be aligned with Management intentions.

What the participant will take away:

• A sense of urgency for aggressively pursuing Enterprise Architecture
• A comprehensive definition (description) of Enterprise Architecture
• A "language" (that is, a framework) for improving Enterprise communications about Architecture issues
• An understanding of basic Enterprise "physics" - laws of nature that govern Enterprise Implementations
• An understanding of Enterprise "Engineering Design" principles
• A strategy for reducing "time-to-market" for systems implementations to virtually zero
• Some pragmatic approaches for implementing Enterprise-wide strategies
• Issues for inclusion in an Enterprise Architecture strategy
• Architectural principles for meeting Enterprise requirements
• A list of resources to facilitate architectural work

He is the originator of the "Framework for Enterprise Architecture" which has received broad acceptance around the world as an integrative framework, or "periodic table" of descriptive representations for Enterprises. He is not only known for this work on Enterprise Architecture, but he is also known for his early contributions to IBM’s Information Strategy methodology as well as to their Executive team planning techniques.Mr. Zachman retired from IBM in 1990, having served them for 26 years. He is Chief Executive Officer of the Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement (ZIFA), an organization dedicated to advancing the conceptual and implementation states of the art in Enterprise Architecture. He also operates his own education and consulting Business, Zachman International.


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