Workshop on Web Personalization and Recommender Systems (WebPRES10) (WebPRES'10)

Venue: Miles S. Nadal Management Centre

Location: Toronto, Canada

Event Date/Time: Aug 31, 2010 End Date/Time: Aug 31, 2010
Paper Submission Date: Apr 16, 2010
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Nowadays, the abundance and popularity of Web applications, such as
blogs, discussion forums, social and professional networks, flood
users with huge volumes of information and various new sources of
knowledge, and hence pose a great challenge of information
overloading. Web personalization and recommender systems are two
important technologies that attempt to cope with such information
overloading problem in Web intelligence. Web personalization systems
serve users with consideration of user personal interests and
preferences; recommender systems suggest Web users information and
products in accordance with their personal demands.

For the recent years, many groups have invested a great deal of
effort on the topics related to these areas and have made
significant achievements. However, challenging problems still exist
and wait for solutions, including how to make breakthrough on the
current research, how to marry Web personalization to recommender
systems, and how to commercialize the existing techniques of Web
personalization to recommender technology. There also remain
difficulties limiting the full exploitation of personalization and
resource selection through recommendation arises both from the
technology perspective and from the human and social perspective.

Targeting on these emerging problems, this workshop brings together
academic researchers and industrial practitioners and aims to
strengthen the research on Web personalization and recommender
systems, in particular:
- To exchange ideas about past, present and future trends in Web
personalization and recommender systems;
- To share research and techniques used to develop effective
recommenders, from algorithms, through user interfaces, to
- To discuss new and innovative approaches.


at York University in Toronto, Canada