The Qualitative Report Second Annual Conference (TQR2011)

Venue: Nova Southeastern University

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Event Date/Time: Jan 07, 2011 End Date/Time: Jan 08, 2011
Registration Date: Jan 07, 2011
Early Registration Date: Dec 31, 2010
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 31, 2010
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Taking its place alongside such core metaphors as culture, phenomenon, discourse, and narrative, identity has emerged as an important trope in scholarly and commercial qualitative research. Be it people's sense of themselves as a member of a family, culture, corporation, or the world society, qualitative researchers are interested in learning more how people come to define themselves within their varied personal, social, political, and economic contexts. In this research, investigators attend to people's words, pictures, and actions to gain a sense of their being and becoming. This area of research is also fraught with controversy as researchers and their research participants struggle with gender, sexual, ethnic, cultural, brand, product, customer, and corporate identities and the methodological and ethical decisions entailed in studying such phenomena.

An associated concern is how we clearly and ethically identify ourselves as researchers to our research participants, clients, and colleagues and how they come to identify us. Do we identify ourselves as scientists, artists, researchers, co-researchers, co-designers, or change agents? How transparent do we become in our communications as we grapple with our own sense of identity as people and how do these choices of self-narration laminate our professional identities?

In addition, how the identities of investigator-participant, client-researcher, employer-employee, teacher-student, and editor-author develop and evolve throughout the life-span of their relationships have significant bearing on all parties involved in the enterprise. Historically distinct identity postures such as subjectivity, objectivity, performance, critique, change, and stability can now become blurred in this hyphenated world. As these identity choices are made, methods are applied, and work is produced, how do we as producers and consumers of these (e)merging arcs make decisions of quality and utility?

As we explore these self-narratives and narratives of others, what are the differences that make a difference in our qualitative research? Can we become lost in these reflexive dialogues or can we point to tangible rewards arising from contemplating the notions of identity when it comes to conducting qualitative research on values, culture, meaning, and ourselves?

For The Qualitative Research Second Annual Conference we are calling for 90 minute seminars, forum discussions, and paper panels, and 15 minute individual paper presentations in which presenting authors explore the topic of identity and the myriad of ways this distinction informs our work and our sense-making of these endeavors. We are also seeking submissions on other topics that would appeal to beginning, intermediate, and advanced qualitative researchers as well as presentations dealing with academic, commercial, or other approaches to qualitative research.

  • Seminars: Interactive 90 minute presentations dealing with single topics. These talks can be "how to" method presentations; critical reviews of key qualitative research issues; or methodological, technical, or pedagogical innovations.
  • Forum Discussions: Interactive 90 minute presentations involving multiple speakers discussing contrasting perspectives on single qualitative research topics. These talks can include personal insights on developing as a qualitative researcher, qualitative research educator, mentor, or supervisor; works in progress; debates on important qualitative research concerns; or variations on methodology, method, or technology applications.
  • Paper Panels: Interactive 90 minute presentations consisting of 3 to 4 qualitative research papers sharing topic and/or methodological synergies. Each paper presentation would consist of 15 minutes and 5 minutes for questions and answers. Each panel would have a panel moderator who would introduce the individual paper presenters, moderate the questions and answers, and serve as time keeper.
  • Individual Paper Presentations: Interactive 15 minute presentation of an individual qualitative research paper with a 5 minute question and answer period. Accepted individual papers will be grouped together by conference organizers into topical and/or methodologically similar groupings.

All presentations may be submitted to The Qualitative Report for publication consideration.


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