Venue: Hotel Movenpick, Lausanne, Switzerland

Location: 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland

Event Date/Time: Nov 04, 2010 End Date/Time: Nov 06, 2010
Abstract Submission Date: Jun 04, 2010
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The congress will:
a) focus on both, research advances as well as practical solutions of sports
management; and
b) continue to expand on the learning, interactivity and networking dimensions of the
event by involving a multi-dimensional and integrated approach (online and offline)

The conference will bring together, over three full days, a comprehensive and interrelated
set of activities, to include but not remain limited to:
- keynote presentations
- lectures
- panel discussions
- product demonstrations
- virtual posters

Tracks The conference will have the following tracks:

1. Research track – presentation of cutting-edge foundational work, including experimental efforts, innovative systems and investigations that identify strengths and weaknesses in the existing sports management models. The research track will
seek original, UNPUBLISHED research papers reporting substantive new work in various aspects of sports management. Research papers must properly cite related work and clearly indicate their contributions to the field. All topics relevant to sports
management are of interest, but the conference program committee particularly encourages submissions in these categories:

a. National Economies and Sports Management
i. Sports Without Frontiers
ii. Influence of Mega Sports Events in Developing Economies: Socio-Economic Aspects
iii. Peace through Sports
iv. Corruption – Educating for the Win-Win
v. Urban [and Sustainable] models of Integrating Events

b. Women in Sports Management/Cultural Diversity in Sports Management
i. Gender Distribution in Sports Management
ii. Globalizing the Human Resource
iii. Education

c. Legal Issues in Sports
i. Disputes in Sports – Why Do We Have Themand How Do We Resolve Them?
ii. Sports Labor Disputes
iii. Mediating

d. Politics and Sports
i. Debate in Politics, Compete in Sports
ii. Campaigning in Sports
iii. The Politics of Sports – Using Sports as a New Platform for Change

e. Ethics and Sports Management
i. Player Issues (Amateur vs. Professional, Doping and Drug Usage)
ii. Media Issues (Fairness/Objectivity and Conflicts of Interests)
iii. Coaching Staff and Management (Rules and Evaluations)
iv. Referees (Earning/Retribution)
v. Fans (Hooliganism)
vi. Agents (Managing a Money Machine or a Human Being?)

f. New Medias
i. Are We Getting too much Information?
ii. Creating the Best Combo to Deliver the Effective Message
iii. Media and Sports – Financial Symbiosis
iv. Sponsorship and Media – Integrating Strategic Partnerships

g. The Future Sports Manager – Superman?
i. Selection, Training and Preparation
ii. Artist + Entrepreneur + Technician
iii. Intimate Knowledge of Sports – Requirement for Good Management?

h. Education – Issues and Challenges in:
i. Parent Education
ii. Sport Education
iii. Youth in Sport – Expectations and Motivation
iv. Identification and Cultivation of Talents
v. Trajectory of Star Performers/Athletes Post Competitive Stage
i. Good to Great – Changing of Management Models in Sports (or how to correctly
assess managerial success and failure)

i. One “Management-Pill” Fits All?
ii. Governance Mechanics and Influencing Factors at Community, Regional,
National and International Levels.
iii. Assessing and Choosing Good Managerial Values
iv. Standards in Critical Reviews of the “Great”?
v. Learning fromFailures

j. Etc.
2. Industry track – high quality presentations focusing on the latest industry achievements/technological solutions/enhancements, etc

Once more, the conference program committee particularly encourages submissions in any industry/practice theme/area but encourages submissions in these categories:

a. Development of New Sport Infrastructures – Thinking Outside the Brick Box
i. Sustainability – Quantifying Cost and Benefit
ii. Playing, Training, Recovery Systems for the New Century
iii. Eco-friendly sports, gear, infrastructures, communications
iv. Retrofitting existing structures

b. Technology Trends
i. Software
ii. Social platforms
iii. Equipment
c. Communications and New Media
i. TV
ii. Realizing the best Media Platform

d. Event and Facility Management
i. Integrating technology in the planning processes
ii. Day of Event – Deploying resources and managing them through e-solutions
iii. Etc.

3. Workshops - bridging-the-gap between research and practice - structured lectures/panel discussions/round tables and demonstrations clustered around timely and/or “hot”/controversial issues of the day.

4. Innovation Showcase – product and service demonstrations delivered by exhibitors.
5. Work-in-Progress – forum for presentation of research (master’s theses, PhD theses, etc.) and industry solutions for critical review/input. This is meant to provide an interaction opportunity for researchers and practitioners to present and
demonstrate their work and to obtain feedback fromtheir peers in an informal setting. It gives conference attendees a way to learn about research projects whose preliminary results are interesting. It also provides presenters with an excellent
opportunity to receive invaluable feedback fromknowledgeable sources.

Social Program:
A Gala Dinner will be organized at the Chillon Castle. A bus transfer will be offered to take
delegates to and from the event venue.
Tangible Deliverables Recordings of selected live sessions (slidecasts) will be made and will be posted at the
conference website. Additional materials will be uploaded/showcased online (presentation slides, interviews).

Target Audience:

Academia Association/Society/Groups
International and National Sports Organizations/Federations
Coaches, Trainers, Athletic and Sports Directors
Club Owners and General Managers
Sports Marketing and Sales Specialists
Media and PR Executives
Event/Competition Management Specialists, Venue Management Professionals, Convention Bureau Professionals
New Media Experts, IT Design and Implementation Staff
Sports Lawyers/Agents
Other Professional and Volunteers Involved in Sports Management


The conference is open for original paper submission. All accepted abstracts will be posted at the website. Full papers will also be posted there (after the conference).


4, Avenue de Rhodanie