Innovative development of society to the conditions of cross-cultural interaction

Venue: The Sumy Regional Post-graduate Pedagogical Institute

Location: Ukraine

Event Date/Time: Apr 26, 2010 End Date/Time: Apr 29, 2010
Registration Date: Apr 05, 2010
Early Registration Date: Apr 05, 2010
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The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
The Sumy Regional Post-graduate Pedagogical Institute


III International Scientific Conference
For students, graduate-level researchers, professors and scientists
“Innovative development of society in the conditions of cross-cultural interactions”
26-29 April 2010, (Sumy, Ukraine)

Working languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Partners: Norsk Institutt for Strategiske Studier (Norwegian Institute for Strategic Studies), National University Kyiv-Mohila Academy (political studies department), Інститут економіки промисловості НАН (м.Донецьк), Інститут економіки та прогнозування НАН (м.Київ), Інститут економіки промисловості НАН України (м.Донецьк), Інститут педагогічної освіти і освіти дорослих АПН України, Украинский Институт Позитивной кросс-культурной психотерапии и менеджмента (м. Черкаси), Кафедра ЮНЕСКО СумДУ (м.Суми), Белгородский государственный университет (г.Белгород, РФ), Брянский государственный технический университет (г.Брянск, РФ), Международный центр философии образования (г.Новосибирск, РФ), Новосибирский государственный педагогический университет (г.Новосибирск, РФ), Томский государственный педагогический университет (г.Томск, РФ), Институт управления (г.Астана, Казахстан), Instytut Historii, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski Krakow (Polska), Instytut Stosunków Międzynarodowych, Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Wschodnioeuropejska, Przemyśl (Polska), Education-Philosophy Faculty, Pomeranian Academy in Słupsk (Poland), Спілка обдарованної молоді України, Університет менеджменту освіти (м. Київ, Україна).


Section â„– 1. Globalization, social upheaval, the problem of the effectiveness/efficiency of contemporary management
1.1. Systematic and Asystematic modern development: management of transformation, transit, and innovation.
1.2. The current world crisis: the classic cycle or the potential of innovative breakthroughs?
1.3. The problem of mobility of world international development centers: the interdependence of cultural dialogue and innovation potential.

Section â„–2. Politics, economics, management in the context of globalization and the crisis.
2.1. National ideas and models of national development in the context of globalization, regionalization, localization of global development.
2.2. The competition, confrontation, the consolidation of political elites as a factor of innovative breakthroughs, or loss of the "window of opportunity"
2.3. The effectiveness of current models of social, political and economic development (the interconnection of traditional and innovative management).
2.4. Economic challenges, risks and opportunities as the problem of the effectiveness of management strategies at national and regional level.
2.5 New economic realities - a platform for the formation of the political world of the XXI century.
2.6. The interdependence of economic, political, cultural information in a “knowledge society”.

Section â„–3. Management of social development: the range of potential changes
3.1. The information revolution and knowledge society as the key priorities for successful development.
3.2. The readiness of human capital to pre-empt today's challenges, shocks, consolidated to adapt to changes of any complexity.
3.3. The interaction of government, business, the "third sector" as an indicator of civilized society (cross-sector collaboration).
3.4. Dialogue of cultures and cross-cultural interaction as the priority of social development, social, gender, ethnic and demographic groups.
3.5. The problem of leadership as an innovative response to the challenge of global, regional and local development.

Section â„– 4 New challenges of modern education and the need for adequate educational strategies.
4.1. Trends in world education. Priorities, willingness to change and technological readiness to implement changes.
4.2.Classical education, e-education/e-learning, distance education. New opportunities of virtual education and research networks.
4.3. Modern centers of world development from the point of revolutions in educational systems. "Education for Life/ Lifelong Learning", "Equal access to quality education," Education through action ","The Knowledge triangle".
4.4. Education of Ukraine, Russia, countries of post-Soviet space: the search for his own successful innovation and problem adaptation of successful innovative educational strategies and models.
4.5. International educational projects and programs (announcing directions and information on the practical participation).
4.6. Education from the standpoint of partnership and technological base of the XXI century.
4.7. Modern technology analysts and actions as a factor in successful strategies.

Thesis submission deadline: 05 April, 2010
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