Event Date/Time: May 04, 2010
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When IT organizations meet reduced budget targets by leaving positions unfilled and reprioritizing projects, they move only part way toward transforming their business model and value to the institution. The "new normal" for IT requires a new kind of leadership and a different organizational structure.

Part 1 of this webcast series will focus on ways to adapt the IT organization to maximize its position on the IT value curve, from transactional services to partnership strategies. Part 2 will present how Pepperdine University is meeting this challenge with an innovative strategy of helping its IT staff develop competencies beyond the basic technical requirements of job descriptions.

Join us for this two-part series to learn about:

* Building an organization on the IT value curve
* Avoiding the either/or myth of centralized-decentralized staffing models
* Leveraging outsourcing and cloud-based services
* Adapting a model that blends non-technical competencies and technical job requirements
* Tying staff development and performance reviews to organizational and institutional missions
* Leading the new IT organization