Third International Conference on Advanced cardiac Sciences King of Organs 2010. (King of Organs 2010)

Venue: Intercontinental Hotel

Location: Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

Event Date/Time: Sep 28, 2010 End Date/Time: Sep 30, 2010
Registration Date: Sep 30, 2010
Early Registration Date: Sep 15, 2010
Abstract Submission Date: May 30, 2010
Paper Submission Date: Sep 01, 2010
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Empowering people's knowledge, building up an integrative Cardiovascular Medicine and acquiring correct understanding of the Heart ….
Third International Conference on Advanced cardiac Sciences " King of Organs 2010".
In spite of the huge developments in the medical as well as surgical limbs of Cardiac Sciences, we believe wisdom should prevail. Materialism has been the prominent driving power of cardiac Sciences protocols since decades. The multicenter International studies to evaluate today’s strategies in treating congestive heart failure is bright clear example. Mortality rates doesn’t show statistically significant benefits using today’s treatment measures.

The dominant role of industry in leading the decision of what to do? And how to perform? left its negative impact on the medical practice as a whole. The emphasis on the heart as being merely a pump for decades, is one of the major misses in the past. The new discoveries in the field of neuro-cardiology are turning point in Heart Science history. The pivotal and principal rule of stress in human heart has been undoubtly, drastically underestimated. Alternatives to drugs in treating systemic hypertension has been overlooked, or been neglected for decades. The critical and delicate neurodynamics between the heart as king of organs and it crown prince, the Brain, needs to be looked after with skilful eye utilizing the similarities between the two systems. This should reflect significantly in revolutionizing the treatment strategies for diseases of both systems.
It is doubtful that the pumping action of the heart alone could be responsible for the circulation of blood. The amount of pressure needed to force blood through the entire length of the body's vasculature would approximate lifting a one hundred pound weight one mile high. There are numerous other flaws in this Cartesian view of the heart as a machine. It now seems more likely that the heart functions as an energy field regulator and listens, integrates and reacts to what it learns to maintain homeostasis. In that regard, the heart is also an exquisite endocrine organ. Its atrial natriuretic peptides counter the rennin-angiotensin system, decrease aldosterone and sodium and water retention, inhibit vasopression and dilate vessels by relaxing smooth muscle. More importantly, the heart produces the strongest electromagnetic signal in the body, with amplitudes 40 to 60 times greater than that of brain waves. Its electromagnetic field is readily measurable at 3 feet away. and is detectable at 12-15 feet. The significance of this is illustrated by HeartMath research demonstrating that the heart's electromagnetic field can be reflected in the EEG pattern of someone nearby.

So, No doubt we were doing very little in cardiovascular sciences to empower people with the knowledge to prevent disease. Human heart is much more complex than just a physical pump, and that true care goes way beyond interventional procedures.
We are exploring different angles to bring to you advanced thought supported by evidence based medicine about Heart and create an Integrative Heart Medicine which is dedicated to the prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases. We no longer wait for disease to happen. Diabetes, heart disease, obesity are all preventable. We believe that information leads to knowledge and that transformation is obtained by putting this knowledge into practice...

The conference is a continuation of the previous thought gained through the 1st and 2nd conference regarding the dominance of the Heart over all other body organs and supported by evidence based medicine.
As a result of this Conference, the participant should be able to:

Cite the recent literature and current research in heart-brain interactions;
Cite the recent literature in Stem cells and heart diseases treatment, Heart transplant and CHD interventions.
Be able to describe the link between depression and coronary artery disease and recognize the adverse outcomes associated with this relationship;
Discuss the state of research and innovation in heart-brain medicine;
Implement heart-brain medicine practices with biofeedback and device-based therapies.
And discover new technologies brought by Nano-medicine.
and much more scientific knowledge brought to you by emminent researchers and speakers.


Al Ahsa
Saudi Arabia