Court of protection: Opportunities and Troubleshooting for Professionals

Venue: TBC/ London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Apr 22, 2010
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A one-day masterclass designed to help you:
• Develop additional, high quality work from your existing Court of Protection practice
• Identify the applications you can should be making
• Enhance your Court of Protection applications to maximise your chances of getting the Order you want
• Recognise the scope for inter-departmental referrals
• Give your firm the edge in complex Court of Protection property transactions
• Reduce your clients' tax liabilities and minimise the potential for disputes after death
• Structure your practice to make the most of these opportunities

Masterclass leaders:

Lynne Bradey - Co-author of 'Coldrick on Personal Injury Trusts'(now in its 4th edition) Partner, Wrigleys Solicitors

Julia Watkinson - Contributor to the Property section of Coldrick on Personal Injury Trusts and Solicitor in charge of Property for the Compensation Protection Service, Wrigleys Solicitors

Who Should Attend?
• Professional Deputies and members of their teams who want a deeper understanding of the ways in which they can enhance both client service and their bottom line.
• Property professionals who feel out of their depth dealing with the complexities that Court of Protection transactions can bring and who want to interact more effectively with their Court of Protection colleagues.
• Partners looking to structure their teams and develop their practices to maximise the returns from this specialised and growing area

Why this event?

The Court of Protection is all too often a mystery to lawyers. They often feel that it does not 'fit in' with their other practice areas. But this is a view that could cost your firm dearly. You could be missing out on a great deal of high quality, long term and profitable work.

Even where lawyers do act as Deputies, they often have a sneaking suspicion that they ought to have applied for a Statutory Will at some point, or that they may have missed something in that property transaction they acted in last year. Isn't there supposed to be some reference to the Court on the Deeds? Is our team really equipped to deal with these complex transactions where the client needs substantial adaptations?

This event brings together cutting edge expertise in this area. Not only will you learn how to identify the potential additional work, but you will also feel equipped to carry it out. You will also find out what the pitfalls are and how to avoid them.