6th International Working Conference TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT - ADVANCED AND INTELLIGENT APPROACHES (6th TQM 2011, Belgra)

Venue: Belgrade, SERBIA

Location: Belgrade, Serbia, Other

Event Date/Time: Jun 07, 2011 End Date/Time: Jun 11, 2011
Registration Date: Jun 01, 2011
Early Registration Date: May 15, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: Jan 15, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Feb 25, 2011
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6th International Working Conference


With Second Special Conference ’’Manufuture in Serbia 2011’’.

7th – 11th June, 2011, Belgrade, SERBIA.
Paris, France.

International Program Committee:
Honorary Chairs: Prof. Dr. L. Alting (Dk), M. Debenham (UK), Prof. Dr. F. Jovane (I), Prof. Dr. L. Monostori (H), Prof. Dr. H. Osanna (At), Prof. Dr. T. Pfeifer (G), Prof. Dr. G. Sohlenius (S), Prof. Dr. J Stanic (Ser), Prof. Dr. H. VanBrussel (B), Prof. Dr. A. Weckenmann (G), Prof. Dr. A. van der Wiele (Nl).
Conference Chair and Founder: Prof. Dr. V. Majstorovic (Ser).
Members: Prof. Dr. I. Angeli (Cy), Prof. Dr. B. Ačko (Sl), Prof. Dr. D. Axinte (UK), Prof. Dr. H. Bley (G), Prof. Dr. M. Bobrek (BiH), Prof. Dr. P. Bojanić (Ser), Prof. Dr. C. Bouzakis (Gr), Prof. D. Brissaud (F), Dr. P. Brenner (G), Prof. Dr. A. Brun (I), L. Cagnazzo (I), Prof. Dr. P. Castka (NZ), Dr. J. Caldeira (Pl), (Miss) Dr. Eng. L. Catellani (I), Prof. Dr. E. Chlebus (Pl), Prof. Dr. K. Cho (K), Prof. Dr. G. Chryssolours (Gr), Prof. Dr. P. Cunha (Po), Prof. Dr. L. DeChiffre (Dk), B. Dimitrijević (Ca), Prof. Dr. N. Dragulanescu (Ro), Prof. Dr. N. Durakbasa (At), Prof. Dr. J. Duflou (Be), Prof. Dr. F. Fang (Ch), (Mrs) Prof. Dr. A. Fisher (Is), Prof. Dr. M. Frota (Br), A. Gentili (I), (Mrs) Prof. Dr. D. Grubišić (Hr), Prof. Dr. I. Inasaki (J), Dr. R. Isaksson (S), M.Sc. M. Ivanović (Ser), Dr. L. Jalba (Ro), Prof. M.Sc A. Jesus (Br), Prof. Dr. J. Jedrzejewski (Pl), Prof. Dr. Z. Katz (SA), Prof. Dr. F. Kimura (J), (Mrs) Prof. Dr. A. Kjellberg (S), Prof. Dr. P. Kopacek (At), Prof. Dr. J. P. Kruth (Be), Prof. Dr. A. Kusiak (USA), Prof. Dr. P. Kuhlang (At), Prof. Dr. S. Lu (USA), (Mrs) Prof. Dr. V. Marinkovic (Ser), Prof. Dr. G. Maropoulos (UK), (Mrs) Prof. Dr. A. Marcheva (Bu), (Mrs) I. Mezinska (Lv), Prof. Dr. V. Milačić (Ser), Prof. Dr. Z. Miljkovic (Ser), Prof. Dr. A. Molina (Mx), Prof. Dr. P. Molnar (H), Prof. Dr. G. Morel (F), Prof. S. Naruo (J), (Mrs) L. Nitu (Ro), (Mrs) Dr A. Paci (I), Prof. Dr. H. Panetto (Fr), Dr. R. Paskevicius (Lt), Dr. G. Pegs (UK), (Mrs) Prof. Dr. S. Pejčić-Tarle (Ser), MSc. Z. Pendić (Ser), Prof. Dr. C. Periera (Br), (Mrs) Prof. Dr. L. Petrova-Galabova (Bu), S. Rosu (Ro), Prof. Dr. R. Roy (UK), Dr. I. Sheps (Is), (Miss) MSc. T. Sibalija (Ser), Prof. Dr. M. Sphitalini (Is), Prof. Dr. M. Soković (Sl), Prof. Dr. D. Stanivuković (Ser), Prof. Dr. V. Stojiljkovic (Ser), Prof. Dr. V. Spasojević-Brkić (Ser), Prof. Dr. S. Takata (J), Prof. Dr. T. Sorin (Ro), Prof. Dr. M. Taisch (I), Prof. Dr. R. Teti (I), Prof. Dr. M. Trajanovic (Ser), Prof. Dr. R. Tuokko (Fi), Prof. Dr. K. Ueda (J), Prof. Dr. G. Zhang (Ch), M.Sc. S. Živković (Ser), Prof. Dr. S. Yamada (J), (Mrs) Prof. Dr. G. Ušćebrka (Ser), Prof. Dr. F. Vernadat (Fr), Prof. Dr. E. Westkaemper (G).
Sponsored by
The International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP), Paris, France.
Co – sponsored by:
Japanese Union of Scientist and Engineers (JUSE); Tokyo; Japan.
European Organization for Quality (EOQ); Brussels; Belgium.
European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM); Brussels; Belgium.
American Society for Quality (ASQ); Milwaukee; USA
International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP); Laxenburg; Austria.
WG 5.7 Integration and Production Management
International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO); Budapest; Hungary.
TC 14 Measurement of Geometrical Quantities
International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC); Laxenburg; Austria.
TC 5. 1 Manufacturing Plant Control
TC 5.2 Manuf. Model. for Manag. and Control
TC 5.3 Enterprise Integration and Networking Microelectronica S.A., Bucharest, Romania.
- Carlsberg Srbija doo, Belgrade, Serbia. Organized by Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Centre for Advanced Technology, Laboratory for Production Metrology and TQM, Belgrade, Serbia.
TQM Conference Schedule:
Sessions based on accepted papers on the topics of interest. Special sessions/Conferences organized and chaired by internationally recognized leaders of research in advanced topics. RTDs/WSs on special topics.
TQM Conference Venue
The TQM Conference will be held at the capital city of Belgrade, Serbia.
Official Language
The official language of the TQM Conference is English.
Scope of the TQM Conference
The main objective of the 6th TQM Conference is to provide an international forum around the world for the exchange of knowledge, experience, research results and information about various aspects of the state-of-the-art and the future development of total quality management.
The scope of the Conference covers philosophical, scientific and practical concepts concerning research, development and application of TQM-based advanced approaches.
Topics of interest
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
 Business excellence models (applications and development trends);
 TQM & manufacturing management;
 World class performance;
 Attractive quality;
 Robust engineering;
 Six sigma model;
 Intelligent quality tools and methods;
 Virtual factory and virtual quality;
 Intelligent metrology in manufacturing;
 Intelligent and virtual CMM;
 Business process improvement;
 Breakthrough management;
 Organizational Excellence;
 Intelligent design for quality;
 Intelligent Business;
 Quality in Higher Education;
 Quality of the Public Services / health care;
 Advanced Quality approaches;
 Digital engineering/manufacturing;
 Manufuture initiative and Micro-nano manufacturing / Metrology
Special Session dedicated to Ph. D. thesis
A special session will be dedicated to discussion of Ph. D. Thesis. An international committee will assign an award to the best paper from Ph. D. Thesis.
Papers and Proceedings
Prospective authors are invited to send their contributions on relevant topics. Papers may be submitted by e-mail in a Word file. The length of the paper should be 6A4 pages; 1.0 space typing; use Arial 10 point font. For the anonymity of review; please identify the following information separately: the title; author's full name; affiliation; address; e-mail address; telephone and fax numbers. Authors of accepted papers will be expected to sign a copyright release allowing publication in the proceedings. Pre - proceedings will be available before the Conference.
After the Conference; the Proceedings with selected papers which will under a second review; RTD; panel discussion and conclusion will be published in the International Journal “Total Quality Management & Excellence”.
The registration fee for the TQM Conference is Euro 150; if paid before 15th May 2011. After that date; the fee is Euro 200. For the registration fee please contact the Conference Secretariat.
For details regarding hotel reservations please contact the Conference Secretariat.
Important dates:
January 15; 2011 – Proposal for special sessions and RTDs/WSs due.
February 25; 2011 – Full paper due; 6 pages; electronic submission.
March 15; 2011 – Final paper acceptance.
March 25; 2011 – Registration announcement.
April 15; 2011– Final program announcement.
May 15; 2011 – Early registration deadline.
May 29th – June 2nd – International Working Conference.
Conference Program Agenda – Draft:
First Day – 7th June 2001. / Industrial tour / Evening – Welcome reception and ROUND TABLE DISSCUSION.
Second Day – 8th June 2011. / 10:00a.m. – Noon Opening and Key Note Speakers. Cocktail / noon - 2:00p.m. Parallel Sessions (1) / 4:00 – 6:00p.m. Panel Discussion – Research Directions / Evening – Informal Conference Dinner.
Third/Fourth Day – 9th/10th June 2011. / 10:00a.m. – Noon Parallel Sessions (2) / 12.30p.m. – 2:00p.m. Parallel Sessions (3) / 4:00p.m. – 6:00p.m. Parallel Sessions (4).
Fifth Day – 11th June 2011. / 10:00a.m. - Noon Closing Plenary Session.
Correspondence – Conference Secretariat:
Prof. Dr. Vidosav D. MAJSTOROVIĆ
Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Kraljice Marije 16 11200 Beograd Serbia
Phone: ++ 381 (0)11 30 02 407
Fax: ++ 381 (0) 33 70 346
E - mail: majnem@EUnet.rs or vidosav.majstorovic@sbb.rs
Web site: www.mas.bg.ac.rs


Mechanical Engineering Faculty