Event Date/Time: Apr 06, 2010 End Date/Time: Apr 08, 2010
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Quanta, an one of its kind of National Symposium of Materials Science Engineers hosted by the Society of Materials Science Engineering, CEG in association with Madras Metallurgical Society(MMS). Quanta’10 is the inaugural edition. A plethora of events ranging from tech-filled, The one to its informal counterpart, Material hunt. Various participants from different parts of India are expected to participate and prove their mettle. The events like IDP, would enable the industries to find cost effective solutions for critical problems, whereas the Biz plan event provides a platform to identify entrepreneurship on the material field.

In short Quanta’10 would be a discrete packet of intelligence and technical excellence


Material Hunt

Amidst all the hard technical events that give an overdrive of the neurons, material Hunt is a fun in the run event that requires the participants to collect the prescribed set of common materials within the stipulated time. The archetypal forager hunt, where people in petite teams set out to search and collect bizarre items. The game provides knowledge of new materials with a fun filled learning. The event actually consists of a set of question which might be direct or might be encoded. The participants need to decipher the questions, then search and collect out items after revealing them from their respective clues. The clues include puzzling ticklers, anagrams of words, phrases related engineering sciences and anything and everything that could challenge you.

Paper Presentation

“The indispensable phenomena of any event that tries to showcase one’s technical skills”

Paper presentation provides a chance for the participants to incubate and present their nascent ideas supported by a theoretical framework or practical papers from emerging fields pertaining materials, metallurgy and nanotechnology would be expected with strong fundamentals which could even from basis of potential innovations in the future. This event makes you discover your innate ideas in the field of materials leading towards the path of veneration.

Hephaestus’s Oracle

Invoking the Olympia god of metallurgy, Hephaestus’s Oracle would be a finest materials quiz that could have its roots in science behind the behavior of every day materials science to unknown trivias of nanotechnology. We are going to test your classroom knowledge down with general facts in the field of science

Industrial Design Problem (IDP)

The essential quality differentiates an engineer from a scientist is his ability to virtually ‘see’ and theoretically ‘conceptualize’ a problem before solving it. IDP IS an event that provides the budding engineers an essential “feel of the industrial problems”. Problems would be proposed by the eminent industries from fields like metallurgy composites, fasteners etc. and participants would be required to give cost effective and best innovative solutions that could potentially solve the problems.

General Quiz

Justifying the term General in every way, covering every nook and corner of the world in terms of trivia and facts comes the General Quiz. A galore of interesting questions and an exciting time of quizzing await. This is the end to the classroom knowledge where you can showcase your familiarity of the real world and trivia.

The One

The One aims in determining the individual who has the capability to comprehend complex problems in Materials science field and has the ability to sort out the same. Discover your abilities of research in this event so that you could be “THE ONE”. Designed for the people who look beyond the core and think hard!.


Learning is a continuous process and the workshops at Quanta extend that further. With prestigious speakers, practical sessions and hands on experience, the workshops come as a complete package. The naïve areas of extractive metallurgy to the newest field of spintronics and quantum electronics are on their way to educate you from the voices of the real researchers. Get ready some really new areas of research and great people to exhibit them, which could come as a surprise for you.

Biz plan

To throw light on the entrepreneur passion and the business acumen of the participants is the Biz plan event. A plan that is based on material entrepreneurship is welcomed and judged based on its merits.

Big Fight

This might just end like technical debate, where professors and students come to the lime light. A surefire delight is the transformation of even the unspoken pals of your class into spirited debaters plunging defends their stand on hot topics in material science. The topics could be right from the basics of physics to the modern arenas of materials development. This is one panel discussion you'll be well advised not to miss.

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