Event Date/Time: May 25, 2010 End Date/Time: May 26, 2010
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Dear Fleet Professional,

2010 is a time to capitalise on what you have learnt about your fleet through the downturn
that was 2009. With the knowledge you now have on your fleet, you can start to plan for
change, and our research has identified that the questions you now face are:

• What can you change to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet without jeopardising the quality that your fleet currently provides?

• Can you operate your fleet with fewer resources?

• Where do you have unnecessary spend and how are you going to minimise that?

• What risks does your fleet carry and how can you reduce those?

• What policies need to be reworked to suit the current state of your fleet?

• Who will you partner with to ensure you are as lean as possible?

What you choose to do in the next 12 months will define the direction that your fleet takes
for the coming years. A downturn breeds innovation and with that in mind now is the time
to make the tough decisions.

Do you strengthen policies, change providers, increase the number of partners you have, change vehicle models or perhaps the manufacturer as well?

Fleet Management 2010 will provide you with key insights on what others in the market
are doing to proactively strengthen their fleet. Listen to the market and thought leaders
and benchmark your fleet against others of similar size and shape.

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Best regards,

Joel Harris
Conference Director
Project IQ – IQPC