Pre Hypertension And Cardio Metabloic Syndrome

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Event Date/Time: Feb 23, 2011
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The conference will focus on the public health impact, identification, biology and pathogenesis of prehypertension as well as on interventions for preventing the adverse outcome of this prevalent condition. New insights and guidelines will be presented in the pursuit of better understanding and therapy of early stages of high blood pressure. The conference will provide a platform for presentation of basic and clinical trails research results on novel therapies.

Conference Date: 24-27.02.2011


1. Definition, classification, diagnosis and epidemiology of prehypertension

2. Progression of hypertension, increased cardiovascular risk, vascular and end organ damage in prehypertension

3. Screening and early diagnosis of prehypertension and subclinical cardiovascular damage.

4. The nervous system and prehypertension

5. Prehypertension and radio metabolic risk cluster: common mechanisms and role of genetics and environments factors.

6. Therapy of prehypertension: Non pharmacological measures and drug therapy, options, novel therapies and cost benefit analysis.

7. Effect of anti hypertensive therapy on glucose tolerance and other companies of the cardio metabolic risk profile

8. Guidelines and policy recommendations regarding prehypertension

Session topics

Prehypertension definition and epidemiology

Non pharmacologic therapy of prehypertension

Prehypertension and insulin resistance

Cardiovascular consequences of prehypertension

Obesity and prehypertension

Pharmacologic therapy of prehypertension

Mechanism of prehypertension

The nervous system and prehypertension

Evaluation of vascular damage with high blood pressure