Event Date/Time: Jul 27, 2010 End Date/Time: Jul 28, 2010
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The Africa gas & LNG market is growing exponentially with increasing energy demand as well as many new discoveries being made in various countries within the continent. Where are the new market demand for gas and LNG within and outside Africa? What are the driving forces for such demand? How have the regulatory and legal frameworks in Africa been involving? What measures can the regulators take further to ensure sustainable market development? What are the proven gas commercialization practices? How can private sector take advantage of these market and regulatory movement? What are the new challenges and opportunities faced in the gas industry after the recent world economic meltdown? What are the considerations to make when constructing key infrastructure projects for gas development to reach more revenue and build better partner relations? What are the financing solutions that suit your projects most? How is best to negotiate successful sales, purchase, joint operation, concession, storage & transportation agreements? What are the gas & LNG pricing trends and how will they affect your business? What are the best gas transportation and distribution practice? What are the key differences and their commercial impact between projects onshore and offshore? How to effectively manage the risks involved in gas and LNG development? How are the upcoming new projects in Africa going on and how do they impact the market? What new technology breakthroughs you can leverage for your business advantage? Where will Africa stand in the global and domestic gas & LNG market in the next 5 years?

Mark your calendar on the 27th - 28th July 2010 and come join us in Johannesburg to discuss and learn about the best strategies, approaches, techniques and innovations in the fast developing Africa gas & LNG market. You will hear in-depth insights shared by a panel of top notch experts from major domestic and international energy companies, government & regulatory bodies and expert consultants in this field. You will also have the opportunity to network with and learn from your peers from various backgrounds with valuable experience. Don't miss out on this most updated and exciting Africa Gas & LNG Summit!


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Learn from expert speakers and high profile delegates from leading players both local and the world! The evolution of gas & LNG market in Africa is growing at a phenomenal speed and learning how to take advantage of this will give businesses an upper hand to maximize revenue from the exploitation of gas reserves and the development of LNG. Learn about the changes, the opportunities and risk, and learn how to take full advantage by understanding the key market developments, approaches to challenges, strategies, techniques, innovations and grasp the essentials of proven successful gas & LNG practices. Recognizing such emerging business potentials and pressing challenges, Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2010, carefully researched and organized by Neoedge Singapore, will provide all international and local companies an in-time and efficient platform of learning, networking and partnership building for your corporate advantage in the increasingly vibrant and fierce market.