Tax Compliance, Planning & Management (Tax Compliance)

Venue: Nairobi Safari Club

Location: Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya

Event Date/Time: Apr 29, 2010 End Date/Time: Apr 30, 2010
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Tax Compliance, Planning & Management

Business Tax

Tax Incentives
Allowable / disallowable Expenses/ Income
Turnover Tax

Withholding Tax
Double tax agreements
Services subject to WH Tax
WithHolding Tax / With Holding VAT
Various Tax Rates
Taxable Supplies
Refund claims
Double Tax agreements
With Holding VAT
Personal/Employee Taxation
• End of year PAYE return:
Do you know:
» Your responsibilities as an employer?
» The responsibilities of the employees?
» How to correct errors in P9s of the previous year?
• Basis of taxation
• Tax exempt income – Are employees of exempt Organisations exempt?
• Tax-free remuneration
• Allowable deductions from income
• Employer/employee responsibilities
• Common PAYE problems & penalties
• Special cases
» Home Ownership Savings Scheme (HOSP)
» Mortgage interest
» Multiple PAYE sources

Expatriate Taxation & Immigration Law
• How are expatriates taxed?
» Expatriates working for you but outside Kenya
» Are there any special considerations?
• What is the tax exposure to the local employer?
• The work permits

Tax payers’ Rights and Responsibilities
• Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a taxpayer?
• Find out what the Taxpayers’ Charter says?

Tax Planning & Tax Crimes
• Tax planning is legal while tax evasion is illegal. There is however a very thin line between the two!
• Discover the dividing line
• How do you tax plan without exposing your organisation?
• When do you become a Tax criminal?
• Tax planning measures on PAYE
Taxation of Retirement Benefits
• KRA vs. RBA
• Taxation of contributions and withdrawals
• Tax planning for your retirement benefits

Managing PAYE Audits by KRA
• What triggers PAYE audits by KRA?
• What to do before, during and after a KRA audit