Power, Profit and Peace of Mind in 2010 - Best Year of your Life!

Venue: Webinar

Location: Newport Beach, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 21, 2010
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There are six barriers to happiness and success. Are one of them stopping you now?

If you give me 90 minutes, I will reveal these barriers to you. Then, I will give you the tools to break free and so that you can create happiness and success now.
One Idea Will Change Your Life Forever...

I've seen it over and over again… with just one conversation, one new insight, you can rapidly turn things around and start achieving from a place of happiness and fulfillment right now… You game?

Is Your Life a Buffet or a Soup Kitchen?
When you are empowered, you see life as a buffet and feast that can fulfill your ever desire.
When you are in not empowered you have to take what you get.
When you have power, you can bring your dreams into reality with ease.
When you don't life is a struggle.
The power to create the life of your dreams is not for the elite. It is readily available to you right now.

I’ve got six barriers to share and six techniques to over come them but you have to take the first step and register for the webinar.

Let me share the secrets that our paying clients are using to make this year, the best year of their life! Do you want that?

If you haven't been on my free calls before, get ready to be surprised. I do not hold back. I train you as if you have paid me. I coach everyone who asks for help. I give myself fully. I promise that this will be one of the most transformative training sessions you have attended all year.


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Join me on Wednesday, April 21st 3 PM PST/6 PM EST for my latest Webinar "The Best Year of Your Life" Register Here For This FREE Webinar