Improving Community Relations Through Off-Campus House Party Registration

Venue: Online Webcast

Location: Online Webcast, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 22, 2010
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Town and gown relationships between colleges and their community can often be strained by students' off-campus parties and conduct. Because colleges and communities are linked - whether desired or not - it is crucial that both entities work together to solve critical issues.

Join us online to explore a unique approach to mitigating citizen complaints about noise and parties via a party registration process. This process creates a winning relationship between the institution, the students who throw parties and their neighbors, and the local police.

Highlighting Colorado State University's off-campus party registration process, you will learn how to

* Plan a successful program at your campus following CSU's Model
* Gain support and partnerships from students, staff, and the local community
* Write and design effective program and marketing materials
* Share the message to difficult constituencies
* Scale the program to your campus setting

This web conference will highlight strategies for colleges and towns where students frequently live off-campus and hold parties in those off-campus establishments. The content is designed for college and city personnel who work together to improve students' off-campus behavior. This includes chief student affairs officers, deans of students, off-campus/commuter offices, town and gown liaisons, student conduct services, student legal services, college police, city police, college legal counsel, and city attorney offices.

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