Citizen Engagement Forum 2010 (CEF 2010)

Venue: Grand Copthrone Singapore

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Aug 11, 2010
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Boosting citizen engagement and participation through innovative use of new technologies

Digital technologies are driving a radical reshaping of government and its interactions with citizens.

In March 2010, Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Great Britain, announced his ambition to be a world leader in:

“...public service delivery where we can give the greatest possible voice and choice to citizens, parents patients and consumers; and the world leader in the new politics where that voice for feedback and deliberative decisions can transform the way we make local and national policies and decisions.”

President Obama famously had 3,000,000 Facebook ‘Supporters’ on his election day.

The Australian Government is currently responding to the findings of their nationwide Gov2.0 Taskforce.

What is happening in Asia?

The demand for transparency and accountability in the government sector has never been greater and newly empowered citizens are clamouring to be heard.

Get to grips with the principles of participation, collaboration, transparency and efficiency. Learn from a range of exciting international case studies by exploring the pros and cons of using:

* Twitter
* Wikis
* Blogs
* Social networking sites

event focus

* Enabling and encouraging citizen feedback
* Is it feasible to have real-time communications?
* Interacting with digital natives – creating personalised communications for specific citizen demographics
* How can you ensure civil servants use social media in a responsible yet effective manner?
* Should government social media communications be archived?