The Truth Matters- Your Unconventional Routes to Health (The Truth Maters)

Venue: The Crowne Plaza Hotel

Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Aug 21, 2010 End Date/Time: Aug 21, 2010
Registration Date: Aug 21, 2010
Early Registration Date: Aug 21, 2010
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In today's world we know of friends, family and even ourselves,
being diagnosed of cancer, diabetes, Auto-Immune diseases
and so many more degenerative diseases.
We embark on a journey guided by our medics, in the hope
of a cure, sustainment of health.
This journey can not only be a lonely one but also a journey
that you may not be aware of all your alternative choices
available, to heal, enhance and maintain your health.
Your body is not your enemy, it supports you for as
long as it can. Learn how your diet, repressed
thoughts and emotions can have an impact on your
health. How your body's innate life force can be
suppressed by procedures that are supposed to
enhance it.
“It is time you learn how truly powerful you are."
You have the power to heal yourself.
Bringing together in one conference the opportunity to
meet and listen to the people who cured their own
cancer/diseases and all with no medical intervention,
listen to the top specialists in the country, bringing you
a TRUTH and a hope that you may never have heard
before about your health.
Your body has a BLUEPRINT, a
SCHEMATIC of what perfect health
is and it is constantly trying to achieve
this perfect health for you, all that goes
wrong is that you get in the way of
this natural process.


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