Event Date/Time: Sep 28, 2010 End Date/Time: Sep 30, 2010
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The Customer Show is an exclusive gathering of the world’s largest brands, major stakeholders and leading solution providers in the customer care industry to learn, network, establish partnerships and seal profitable business opportunities

Key questions addressed:
• Who are my customers (the profitable ones) and what are their needs?
• How do I make sense of all this data I have about my customers and present offers accordingly?
• How do I service them better across all sales channels?
• How do I defend my prices?
• How do I retain market share?
• How do I prevent churn and the loss of my customers to a cheaper rival?
• What message does my brand send out? Is it the right message for the times?
• How do I get my supply chain partners to work with me to provide a better service to my clients?
• Which customers do I want to keep or acquire and which ones do I want to lose?
• How do I provide a great customer experience whilst cutting back on costs?
• What channels are my customers using to make their purchases and therefore where do I focus my efforts and my budget?
• How do I use social networking to manage the perception of my brand and to manage customer reviews about my products and services?

For more information please visit: www.terrapinn.com2010customerasia or email karin.lee@terrapinn.com


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