Webinar - Evaluating and selecting a world class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution

Venue: Herndon

Location: Herndon, Virginia, United States

Event Date/Time: May 25, 2010 End Date/Time: May 25, 2010
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Many organizations have spent millions of dollars selecting and implementing CRM solutions over the

past several years. Many of these solutions have become obsolete, acquired by larger software

publishers who are not supporting older version, and are unable to take advantage of the latest


Even more frustrating is that the annual support and maintenance for many older solutions can cost

more than selecting and implementing a completely new system utilizing state of the art technology.

And, the worst scenario of all . . . many organizations have spent millions of dollars and failed to

successfully select and implement an organization wide CRM solution that meets the exacting demands

of the Marketing and Sales functions.This webcast will help you evaluate your current CRM solution

environment and understand the pros and cons of upgrading versus replacing with new technology.

Mike Holland, Director of Microsoft Practice for Ecomnets, one of the industry's leading

authorities on CRM selection and utilization will help you to:

• Evaluate your current CRM environment and how well it meets your organizational goals
• Be able to select the CRM approach that is best for your organization.
• Learn the techniques for developing a CRM solution today that will support future business growth

and enhance your competitive position in the market.
• Understand the critical impact of the Internet and cloud enabled applications in the CRM arena.
• Develop a comprehensive evaluation checklist of the crucial CRM functional requirements
• Be able to efficiently prepare Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for new CRM upgrades or replacements

with related technology.
• Discuss CRM contract design and vendor negotiation strategy.

Who Should Attend:

• Chief Financial Officers
• Chief Marketing/Sales Officers
• Vice President of Marketing
• Vice President of Sales
• Sales Managers
• Marketing Managers