Improve Student Learning with Action Analytics

Venue: Online Webcast

Location: Online Webcast, United States

Event Date/Time: Aug 04, 2010
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Despite demands for accountability and learning outcomes assessment in higher education, few colleges and universities have a comprehensive program of academic performance data analysis, predictive modeling, and curricular redesign to improve student learning. The three major barriers (or opportunities) continue to be technology, tactics, and culture. Regardless of institutional type, size, or mission, there are new, emerging strategies to engage faculty and staff in a culture of assessment and effective practices for improving student learning.

Join your colleagues in this two-part webcast to learn how action analytics can enhance readiness and tactics for campus-wide learning assessment. Action analytics integrates technology infrastructure, data mining, and analysis at the course and program level, coordinated intervention, organizational ownership and staff skills, and cultural readiness focused on student success and measurable institutional impact.

Join four respected leaders-practitioners in action analytics to learn about:

* Building technology infrastructure and staff skills for learning assessment analytics
* Implementing effective practices to measure and improve learning outcomes
* Understanding the differences between accountability and assessment
* Influencing the dynamics of campus readiness for action analytics
* Cultivating campus partnerships for learning improvement