Venue: JW Marriott Hotel

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Event Date/Time: Jun 03, 2010 End Date/Time: Jun 04, 2010
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This intensive 2-day hands-on seminar is designed to give project practitioners with essential skills of effectively utilizing project management software in a day-to-day business environment. Step-by-Step hands-on exercises related to actual business applications will help to reinforce concepts and features covered


· Attain a basic understanding of Microsoft Project software application and its tools and techniques.

· Apply Microsoft Project 2003 to increase efficiency and productivity in managing projects.

· Master the fundamentals of developing and scheduling a project plan, creating tasks, assigning resources, analyze critical path, creating reports, managing dependencies and trade-offs, tracking progress, and more.



Overview of Project Management

· Introduction and Basic Concepts of Project Management

· Project Life Cycle Phases

· 7-Step Methodology

Understanding Project 2003

· Microsoft Project 2003 Interface

· Working With Menus and Toolbars

· Switching Between Views and Tables

· Understanding Task Panes

· SmartTags in MS Project 2003

· Working With Project Guide

Getting Started With Project

· Managing Your Projects With Microsoft Project

· Starting Microsoft Project

· Exploring Views / Exploring Reports / Creating a New Project Plan

· Setting Non-Working Days / Entering Project Properties

Creating a Task List

· Entering Task / Estimating Durations / Entering a Milestone

· Organising Tasks Into Phases

· Linking Tasks / Documenting Tasks / Checking the Plan’s Duration

Setting Up Resources

· Setting Up People Resources

· Setting Up Equipment Resources

· Setting Up Material Resources

· Entering Resource Pay Rates

· Adjusting Working Time for Individual Resources

· Documenting Resources


Assigning Resources to Tasks

· Assigning Resources to Tasks

· Assigning Additional Resources to a Task

· Assigning Material Resources to Tasks

Formatting and Printing Your Plan

· Creating a Custom Gantt Chart View

· Drawing on a Gantt Chart

· Formatting Text in a View

· Formatting and Printing Reports

Tracking Progress on Tasks

· Saving a Project Baseline

· Tracking a Project As Scheduled

· Entering a Task’s Completion Percentage

· Entering Actual Values for Tasks

Fine Tuning and Special Features

· Setting Task Constraints

· Viewing the Project’s Critical Path

· Interrupting Work on a Task

· Adjusting Working Time for Individual Tasks

· Entering Deadline Dates

· Entering Multiple Pay Rates for a Resource

· Fine-Tuning Project Progress

· Updating a Baseline

· Identifying Tasks That Have Slipped

· Generating a Project Summary Report for Word

Assignment and Exercises on Selected Project

· Participants will be provided with a simple project outline for them to create, develop and schedule a project plan, using the knowledge they have learned. They are encouraged to use real-life projects in their workplace for this exercise

Participants will be provided with:
1) Training Notes
2) An original copy of Microsoft Project 2003 Step-By-Step Tutorial Manual
3) CD-ROM Courseware with