The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine

Venue: Jerusalem International Convention Center

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Event Date/Time: Oct 19, 2010 End Date/Time: Oct 22, 2010
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This unique international meeting will deal with the growth of integrative medicine, its achievements, its problems, and the interesting way in which it advances nowadays in the medical world. We will hear about researches, discuss professional innovations, examine processes, experience workshops, and especially: participate in a unique international interdisciplinary gathering - a meeting between different approaches, systems and cultures. It will be a fascinating meeting of physicians and therapists, an intellectual dialogue between those who practice integrative medicine around the world.
This convention is intended for physicians and professional therapists, and is not open to the general public.

Main topics
oncological field * medicinal plants * chronic pain * preventive medicine and supportive medicine * integrative models * laughter and humor * women and fertility * homeopathy * traditional Middle-Eastern medicine * professional ethics * and more.

List of lectures, workshops and discussion groups (partial list):
1) Strengthening the body whilst dealing with a severe illness.
2) Combining food additives in the treatment scheme for cancer.
3) Scientific research about medicinal herbs in the context of cancer.
4) Traditional medicine and integrative oncology: Research about plant medicine in the Middle-East.
5) Hyperthermia: Heat treatment for several types of cancer.
6) The integration of CAM in the treatment of the breast cancer.
Medicinal plants:
1) Scientific research about medicinal plants - mechanisms and clinical research.
2) Adaptogenic plants for stress relief.
3) Medicinal plants in traditional Arabian medicine: From traditional use to scientific establishment.
4) Interactions between medicines and medicinal plants.
5) Medicinal plants in Druze medicine.
6) Ancient sources for plant medicine in Judaism and in Biblical times.
Dealing with chronic pain from different directions:
1) Hypnosis - the boundaries of the dangerous realm.
2) Rehabilitating orthopedic movements - massage techniques.
3) Wise nutrition and pain-preventing food additives.
4) Acupuncture as a tool for pain relief.
5) Rehabilitation protocol of an eroded knee.
6) Therapeutic protocol of lumbar discopathy.
7) Rehabilitation and chronic pain from an integrative approach.
8) Pain from an internal Jewish perspective - aspects of pain in the mind doctrine and the Kabala.
9) Frequency medicine for pain relief.
Preventive medicine and supportive medicine:
1) Combining Yoga and martial arts into health and medicine patterns.
2) Spiritual support as part of the complementary spectrum.
3) Healthy quality of life on Earth.
4) Pilates for preventing and rehabilitating injuries.
5) Preventive integrative nutrition.
6) Integrative nutrition as recipe to health and joie de vivre.
7) Natural hygiene and medical fasting.
Integrative models in divisions of the medical establishment:
1) The "Assaf Ha'Rofe" model.
2) The "Haddasah" Jerusalem model.
3) The "Meuhedet" HMO model.
4) When science meets tradition - lessons learned from building an oncological integrative service.
4) Comparative models from different Western and Eastern countries.
Laughter and humor:
1) Humour heals wounds: A scientific survey about medical clown care in children's departments.
2) Laughter as a recipe for good health.
3) Yoga of laughter.
From childhood to fertility - complementary medical techniques in gynecology:
1) In-vitro fertilization combined with Chinese medicine.
2) Acupuncture treatments for sperm enhancement.
3) Reflexology treatment in the first third of the pregnancy
4) Dula - a professional survey about escorting and guidance of midwifery in Israel.
1) Child-friendly vaccines.
2) Medicine and homeopathy in the Jewish kabala.
Professional ethics:
1) Do's and Don'ts of touch therapies.
2) Between physicians and therapists - Ethical and information problems.
Special lectures, surveys and workshops:
1) Complementary medicine in veterinary medicine.
2) Hippotherapy - therapeutic horse riding.
3) Integrative medicine from the hospital manager's perspective.
4) Surveys about the legal state of complementary medicine in the West.
5) The new integrative model.
6) Touch therapy - creating and rehabilitating.
7) Medical Cannabis.
8) Fibromyalgia - from diagnosis to treatment methods.
9) Holistic vision of health and sickness.
10) The interconnection of health, personal development and movement.
11) Vibrational Healing.


1 Shazar Boulevard