Artillery Systems Asia

Venue: Amara Hotel

Location: Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Aug 24, 2010 End Date/Time: Aug 25, 2010
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Artillery systems that are light, maneuverable and provide accurate support fires are required for low intensity conflicts common in the Asian region, and the newer platforms and upgrade options provide that capability. Armies in Asia are looking to upgrade their artillery systems in line with the modernisation programmes being implemented across the board.

The impetus is on acquiring larger barreled 155mm field artillery systems towed and motorised that are lightweight and maneuverable to replace the aging and older 105mm equipment most Armies in this region still utilise en masse.

India is one of the most important Armies in the region when it comes to artillery equipment modernisation and acquisition. The Indian Army is looking at a $4 billion artillery modernisation programme, for the acquisition of 814 motorised howitzers, aiming to induct roughly 2,814 guns of different types.

Other countries looking at artillery modernisation programmes include:
-South Korea
-Taiwan (ROC)

Artillery Systems Asia will feature international case studies and reports on how regional armed forces are making considerable investments and procurements. Furthermore, there will be presentations on operational Warfighter feedback from experienced countries that have conducted artillery operations against insurgencies, providing tactical and strategic case studies and lessons learned.

Senior officers from artillery units and schools understand that what is important to the artillery and gunner community is to:
-Identify specific artillery equipment requirements
-Understand affordable artillery system modernisation and upgrade options
-Gain operational lessons learned based on warfighter experience

Expect Presentations about:
-Future requirements for the Indian army’s artillery capabilities
-Examining Asian army artillery modernisation programmes
-Artillery weapon systems and equipment: future requirements and trends for the Pakistan army
-Future requirements for artillery capabilities
-Maintainability, reliability, field repair and maintenance imperatives of artillery systems
-Examining Key Equipment Capability Gaps and Future Technologies
-Peoples Liberation Army ground force artillery trends
-Australian Defence Force perspective: LAND 117 Artillery
-Replacement programme: Effective introduction into service
-Affordable precision munitions
-Precision fires for cannon artillery:Excalibur System

Who will be attending Artillery Systems Asia:
-Commanding Officer Artillery Regiment
-Commandant, Artillery School
-Chief Artillery Officer
-Project Director Land Systems
-Project Officer, Research & Development (Indirect Fire Systems / Artillery Systems)
-Section Chief Artillery Systems Procurement

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Artillery Systems Asia will cover the artillery equipment being considered in the region, affordable modernisation projects and how best to use artillery strategically on a variety of missions (COIN ops, etc).


Amara Hotel
165 Tanjong Pagar, S088539