8th All India Peoples Technology Congress (AIPTC)

Venue: Science City

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Event Date/Time: Feb 11, 2011 End Date/Time: Feb 12, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 30, 2010
Paper Submission Date: Dec 30, 2010
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Technology is deemed to be the most essential component of strategies to mitigate climate change. Without any concerted effort from the part of public and private sectors and whole-hearted participation by common people, any effort to reduce greenhouse gas emission will not produce the desired result. Climate change is the most serious challenge human society has ever faced and everybody including industries and business houses have already realised the gravity of the issue. Reduction of carbon footprint from the industries and other relevant sectors not only helps to improve the environment but also results into increase in profit from the business. With the ‘save environment’ actions gaining momentum among common people, it is now high time to explore novel technologies, share knowledge among the stakeholders and to make the technologies and the technological products available to the common people at a user-friendly and cost effective manner.
There are a number of activities those can be taken into consideration. Some of those are too simple and some are more challenging. Pattern of investment and time required for adaptation of technologies varies from sector to sector. However, they all necessitate action with firm commitment to succeed and continuous improvement. The 8th All India Peoples’ Technology Congress will provide platform to scientists, technologists, business houses, industries to share their ideas, exchange the best practices so that steps towards adopting Climate Responsive Technologies are initiated at the best possible way.


Additional Information

All India Peoples’ Technology Congress Sub-congresses: To facilitate structured discussion and identification of areas of intervention and also finding out appropriate technologies needed in that area to reduce greenhouse gas emission, the whole Peoples’ Technology Congress will be divided into 6 different sectors: 1.DOMESTIC : Cooking, Lighting, Air-cooling, Heating, Transportation, Housing 2. COMMERCIAL: Cooking, Lighting, Air-cooling, Heating, Transportation, Building 3. INDUSTRIAL: Power Generation, Steel and Metal processing Industries, Cement Industry, Heavy Engineering, Construction Industry, Chemical Industry, Others – Foundry, Plastic processing, Refractories, Agro-chemicals, Dyes 4. AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY, ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Cultivation, Fertiliser, Pesticide, Enteric Fermentation, Land Reclamation, Post-Harvest Technology, Afforestation 5. PUBLIC UTILITY & SERVICES Waste Management, Water Supply & Sewerage Treatment, Power Supply & Lighting, Road & Transport, E-governance, Arsenic removal. 6. AWARENESS GENERATION & MARKETING OF TECHNOLOGIES Information and communication methodology. Production and marketing of machinery, gadgets to be used for increasing energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emission