Event Date/Time: Oct 11, 2010 End Date/Time: Oct 14, 2010
Registration Date: Oct 11, 2010
Early Registration Date: Aug 20, 2010
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Security advice and piracy trends change as each ship is captured. The fastest way you can keep up to date is by investing in these 4 days of intense briefings, workshops and debates from people, like you, who are also dealing with the challenges of piracy.

It’s just not feasible to provide guards or escorts to every single ship afloat. So what are the most effective self protection measures? Who is using them and will they work for your fleet?

Combating Piracy is focused on critical updates to transfer the latest anti-piracy skills and lessons learnt from the previous hijackings to industry. With security advice and piracy trends changing as each ship is captured, this is the only event to give you the most up-to-date intelligence to enable you to make sure your security policies are water tight.

Best Management Practise is constantly evolving. This unique event will give you the latest protective measures and a practical guide to help you implement these across your fleet efficiently and with minimal cost.

So, what is the best training for your crew entering high risk areas?
Combating Piracy gives you a unique insight into the challenges your crew face. With interactive sessions that’ll give you practical guidance of drills to keep crew vigilant and you’ll get the chance to experience the types of decisions your crew may have to face if attacked. You’ll leave the event well equipped to brief and support your most valuable asset. Your crew.

And if you are attacked, preparation is key. Do you wish you had a better understanding on the jurisdiction behind piracy? This event will answer questions such as:
How should you proceed with a lawyer if under attack and how involved will they be?
Who do they get their guidance from and what is the mandate?
What could lawyers be constrained by and what are they really offering you?

What Military support can be expected in 2011 and beyond?
You’ll hear updates from the Combined Maritime Forces and be given a Navy 101 brief on how our generic western navies are organised and whom they respond to.
And in addition to this, you’ll have the opportunity to visit NATO/MOD Permanent Joint Headquarters Military Base which hosts EUNAVFOR to be briefed on Operation Atalanta’s Counter Piracy Operations and see the Maritime Security Centre (Horn of Africa) in action.

Whether you regularly transit high risk areas or are reviewing future routes, gathering the latest intelligence at this meeting will enable you to continue to make informed business decisions and create comprehensive security analysis for your fleet and crew.

The Combating Piracy meeting is designed to deliver inside information from owners and seafarers that have experienced the most recent piracy attacks 1st hand.

Please visit www.marseq.com or phone +44203 1418700 for more information or to register.


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