Recruiting in China - A Primer for Beginners

Venue: Online Webcast

Location: Online Webcast, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 09, 2010
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China provides a rich source of academically competitive applicants for US colleges. But institutions new to the Chinese market need to plan carefully before launching a comprehensive recruitment and marketing plan in China. The Chinese mindset and expectations about higher education are radically different than both those of the domestic market and other international regions. This webcast is designed for schools considering adding China to their recruitment plan for undergraduate students and are seeking practical marketing and communication advice for maximizing their strategies.

You will learn:

* Critical information about the Chinese secondary school market and demand for US higher education
* Features of US education that most appeal to the Chinese applicant
* Outreach strategies: Fairs, agents or armchair - what works best in China?

Institutions considering expanding their recruitment efforts to the Chinese market or who are seeking ways to improve their results will benefit from this webcast. Admissions, marketing, and enrollment professionals are encouraged to attend.