Event Date/Time: Nov 04, 2010 End Date/Time: Nov 05, 2010
Early Registration Date: Aug 20, 2010
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6th Lithium Mobile Power
Advances in Lithium Ion Battery Technologies for Mobile Applications
November 4-5, 2010
Boston, MA


Significant innovations have propelled lithium ion battery technology to a position in the marketplace far exceeding initial expectations. From a vast array of portable applications, to micro medical devices, to high-power automotive, these breakthroughs have paved the way for an emerging market with unlimited potential.

Drawing upon ten years of tracking developments in lithium battery and fuel cell research, Lithium Mobile Power will guide attendees from technology and materials development, through device packaging and integration, to applications in a mobile power marketplace by exploring the following topics:

• Li-ion batteries for PHEV, HEV, and EV - issues and solutions
• Revolutionizing Li-ion batteries for portable and consumer products
• Materials challenges - electrodes & electrolyte
• Safety, testing, performance
• System design & integration


40 Dalton St.
United States

Additional Information

Program Outline Metal Fluoride Conversion Nanocomposites: An Alternative Road for Lithium Based Energy Storage Glenn G. Amatucci, PhD, Professor, Director, CASSI / ESRG, Dept of Materials Science and Engineering, Rutgers University Panasonic's Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries Koshin Hosoki, Engineer, Lithium-ion Battery Business Unit, Energy Company, Panasonic Corporation Proactive Remedies to Battery Thermal Runaways Rachid Yazami, PhD, Research Director at CNRS; Visiting Associate in Engineering, California Institute of Technology Battery Management Solutions for New Lithium Chemistries & Applications: Power Tools to HEVs, Li-Phosphate to Li-Titanate Dan Friel, Sector Manager, Battery Management Solutions, Texas Instruments High Throughput Synthesis and Screening for Discovery of Improved Electrode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries Steven Kaye, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Wildcat Discovery Technologies High Energy Density Li/CFx Battery Technology Mario DeStephen, PhD, Eagle Picher Technologies How Nanotechnology Will Revolutionize Lithium Ion Batteries for Electronics Jurgen Hofler, PhD, VP of Operations and Engineering, Nanosys, Inc. 3x Capacity from Silicon-Nanowire Based Lithium Ion Batteries Yi Cui, PhD, Associate Professor, Nanomaterials Science and Engineering, Dept of Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford University; and Lead Scientific Advisor, Amprius, Inc. Structural Silicon Anode Materials for PHEV Applications Michael J. Lain, Nexeon Ltd. Advanced Anode Graphites for High Performance Batteries Bharat S. Chahar, PhD, PE, Product Manager, ConocoPhillips Company Simple Modular Lithium Nanophosphate Battery Systems Roger Lin, Director of Product Marketing, A123 Systems, Inc. Lithium Air Batteries: Development of a Functional 3-Dimensional 3-Phase Gas-Diffusion-Electrode in Non-Aqueous Electrolyte Deyang Qu, PhD, Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry, UMass Boston The Regulatory Maze of Lithium Ion Tom O'Hara, Intertek Semko AB TIAX CAM-7 High Capacity, High Power Cathode Material Brian M. Barnett, PhD, Vice President, Technology, TIAX LLC Cathode Materials Degradation Mechanism from Thermodynamics and Crystal Structure Studies Rachid Yazami, PhD, Research Director at CNRS; Visiting Associate in Engineering, California Institute of Technology; and Xxxxx Yyyyyy, Sanyo Electric Co, Ltd. Large Format Li4Ti5O12 Lithium Ion Batteries – Performance and Applications Veselin Manev PhD, Director R&D, Altairnano Inc. Latest Advances in Ultra-High Specific Energy Rechargeable Li-Air Batteries Based On Protected Lithium Metal Electrodes Steven J. Visco, PhD, Chief Technical Officer and Vice President, PolyPlus Battery Company Materials for Enhancing the Safety and Performance of Li-Ion Cells Ratnakumar V. Bugga, PhD, Principal Member Technical Staff, Electrochemical Technologies Group, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology Structural Changes during Heating and Cycling of Layer-Structured and Olivine–Structured Cathode Materials Studied by HRTEM and In Situ XRD and XAS Xiao-Qing Yang, PhD, Principle Investigator, Chemistry Dept, Brookhaven National Laboratory Advanced Manufacturing Process for High Speed Deposition of Solid State Electrolyte Layers for Li-Based Batteries Susie Eustis, PhD, Research Scientist, and Derek Hass, PhD, Director of R&D, Directed Vapor Technologies International, Inc. Thermal Stability of Lithium-Ion Cells as Functions of Chemistry, Design and Energy Kevin C. White, PhD, Senior Managing Scientist, Exponent, Inc. Application Driven Complex Lithium-Ion Power Systems Development and Integration William J. Yalen, Li-ion Systems Program Manager/Lead Program Engineer, Yardney Technical Products, Inc. / Lithion, Inc. Advaced Technologies for Li-Ion Battery Formation/Grading Process John Tessitore, Chroma ATE Inc. Computer Aided Engineering for Battery Design Steve Hartridge, Director, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, CD-adapco Efficient and Accurate Computational Tools for Evaluating Performance Targets of Lithium-ion Cells and Cell Components Kevin L. Gering, PhD, Principal Investigator, Applied Battery Research, Energy Storage & Transportation Systems, Idaho National Laboratory Evaluation Protocols of Micro-Scale Energy Storage Systems for Wireless Sensor Systems Applications Valer Pop, Dr Ing, IMEC Micropower