EMEA HR Directors Summit 2011 (EMEA HRD Summit 2011)

Venue: EuroStars GranMarina ***** Gl

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Event Date/Time: Apr 26, 2011 End Date/Time: Apr 27, 2011
Registration Date: Apr 15, 2011
Early Registration Date: Sep 26, 2010
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“It’s about talent – about creating a workplace with the broadest base of talent you can – because a broader base of talent makes for boarder creativity and resonates with a broader customer base”.
Summit Synopsis
The financial crisis strongly affecting global economy made many organizations reflect on the corporate strategy, optimize the resources and become more aware of the need to adapt to rapid ongoing change.
There are other trends such as globalization, an aging workforce and decreasing loyalty of employees that are creating a radically different HR Environment and pushing companies to alter their HR strategy. Companies need to measure the HR dimension of these trends, discover and exploit new markets for talents, promote themselves and become a more attractive employer and most importantly, support HR strategy with concrete initiatives.
These already well known trends are creating a radically new HR landscape. Only by adjusting to the trends and running ahead of them companies will remain competitive and will not flounder.
The 2011 EMEA Human Resources Directors Summit assembles international senior executives to evaluate current and future trends and their impact on the HR function and strategy. HR can no longer afford to act simply as a local provider of employee services.
Rapid economic, demographical, technological and social changes that lead to changing market expectations, the way we work, raising cost pressures and the need to leverage talent on a global scale is forcing HR executives to both think, and act differently. There is a raising challenge of acting even beyond business partnering, moving toward HR with impact, re-examining core delivery processes, realizing greater economies of scale, and understanding how service delivery can be further improved.
The central questions facing today's leaders are: How to keep our organizations agile for ongoing change, and become more flexible in adapting to a changing economic environment? It is the great challenge of HR to become a trusted business partner in the development and success of the organization. What does HR need to change to succeed in the future?
EMEA HR Directors Summit will take place in April 2011 and will help Business Leaders and HR professionals meet the challenges produced by recent global events. An impressive list of speakers is headed by Henkel, Shell, Unilever, RBS, Microsoft, UBS, with Hudson Highland Group as a leading sponsor.
EMEA HR Directors Summit will Tackle Talent Management & Engagement, Succession planning, Business Partnering, Performance and Change management, Technology in HR along the lines of International Assignments and Global Effective Strategies - the world’s most common HR concerns of current times.
Several fascinating seminars and roundtables, panel discussions will uncover two important themes that organizations cannot afford to overlook: What is the future of Strategic HR? What is expected from HR, how it can help the business to grow. Addressing these challenges effectively on a worldwide basis can enable the HR organization to make a larger strategic contribution to the business. The proposed panel discussion between Business Leaders and HR Executives will put the spotlight on the expectations and evolution of HR practice.
The Summit welcomes the world’s leading international organizations and participation from top HR executives making the event an effective interactive forum for discussing pertinent HR approaches and strategies.


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