Knowledge Management Today

Venue: Visconti Palace Hotel

Location: Rome, Italy

Event Date/Time: Oct 12, 2010 End Date/Time: Oct 13, 2010
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Knowledge Management is a broad field that encompasses the full range of information capture, management, and presentation. The overall goal of Knowledge Management is to take the institutional knowledge of an organization and translate it into information that can be communicated, shared, and acted upon. If handled properly and managed effectively, Knowledge Management concepts will quickly translate to greater collaboration in the workplace, better management and retention of information, and measurable financial and resource return on investment. Historically, however, Knowledge Management projects have often failed due to poorly defined scope, dubious Business value, or impractical goals or ideas.
This two-day seminar will focus on establishing a strong baseline and understanding for practical Knowledge Management. It will specify the latest concepts, present actual Business applications, and provide detailed examples of how organizations (both in the public and private sectors) are applying Knowledge Management principles and technology to address Business needs. It will also offer Best Practices and lessons learned for the effective implementation of these principles and software systems from the perspective of those who have implemented them time and time again.
The seminar will cover the latest social computing concepts that organizations are beginning to leverage (including social networks, tagging, wikis, and blogs) and relate these Web 2.0 topics to core Business values and goals. It will also offer a deeper understanding of Information Management and collaborative software, including Portals, Enterprise Content Management, and Document Management systems. The seminar will approach these systems not from a technical perspective, but from a Business case perspective. Furthermore, the seminar will present the aligning concepts and principles, including System and Information Governance, Content Management, Content Migration and Cleanup, and Taxonomy and Metadata - all necessary components to effectively capture, manage, and present knowledge. The seminar will focus on the Enterprise view of all of these topics, seeking to develop a unified understanding of how they fit together, how they should be implemented within an organization, and the true Business value they can offer.


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