Event Date/Time: Nov 29, 2010 End Date/Time: Nov 30, 2010
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With the continued demands of expeditionary warfare and humanitarian assistance, the ability to move men and materiel, both strategically and within theatre, has never been quite so in demand.

It is crucial then that both military and industry react to the changing requirements of military airlifters, ensuring that they have the aircraft and equipment they need for now and the future.

Air Forces across the world are looking at ways to enhance their reactions to the weighty demands placed, whether it is through the purchase of new aircraft or refits of old, through the purchase of equipment and upgrades, or through a greater level of training and understanding of operational requirements. It is crucial then that industry understands these pressures and so is able to provide greater payload capacity, shorter runway needs, distance and range or a combination of these and other capabilities.

Defence IQ’s 7th Annual Military Airlift conference aims to look at all these areas, with focus on both tactical and strategic platforms, methods for increasing capability and capacity, pilot and crew training and operational experience.

Taking place at Kingsway Hall in Central London on November 29-30, Military Airlift will bring together military and industry in this crucial field, with the aim of sharing information in order to assist the air transport community in its reaction to the demands of 21st century warfare.

Military Airlift 2010 will cover the issues that matter:

• Examination of key platforms, including confirmed briefing on the Airbus A400M

• Focus on training – simulation versus ‘live flying’

• Operational focus – the challenges operators are facing and how they are overcoming them

• A look towards the developing capabilities and requirements of world-wide air transport fleets and airlift equipment, both tactical and strategic

• Focus on efforts to pool strategic airlift capability

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