The Art Of Emotional Health - Creative Ways To Let Go, Laugh More & Relax! (AOEH)

Venue: Live via telephone and webcast

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Event Date/Time: Jul 28, 2010 End Date/Time: Aug 18, 2010
Registration Date: Jul 28, 2010
Early Registration Date: Jul 20, 2010
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The Art Of Emotional Health - Creative Ways To Let Go, Laugh More & Relax!
4 Part Teleclass Series
Begins Wednesday 28th July 2010!
11.00 am AEST (GMT+10)


My name is Susan Living and I work with people who think too much to create extraordinary health in their lives (and YES! I’m a person who thinks too much. WAY too much!)

Those of us who’ve been on the health and happiness path for a while are intimately familiar with the knowledge that we can’t change anything unless we are first aware of it. The problem for those of us who think too much is that we’re aware of EVERYTHING (or almost everything) and this awareness can become a weapon to turn against ourselves.

We keep learning more, discovering new and different ways of seeing things, grabbing hold of promising solutions from each new teacher that appeals and educating ourselves wildly. We see nothing but options, choices, changes and opportunities everywhere we look and we are forever working on ourselves, day in and day out. We never seem to quite get there though...

I think it’s time to un-learn everything we know, return to the basics and celebrate our unique way of looking at things! Be creative with our emotional health!

Creative ways of changing are very different to the familiar problem to solution model that most of us have been brought up on. Creative ways of changing:

Do not require any extra time.
They are not just one more thing to do on your never-ending to do list. Creative ways do not require any goal setting process or results focused action plan.

Use the resources you already have available to you in your life right now. 
You don’t need any specialised knowledge or expertise. You don’t need to read another book or go out and learn even more

Feel good! 
Creative ways to create change bring an almost immediate sense of lightness, freedom and perspective to any situation. They do not create results in the future, they make a difference NOW. 

This teleclass series is not like any approach to stress management or stress reduction that you’ve ever attended.

Join me on a 4 week journey that ponders the question, just what is emotional health for us humans, how do we get more of it and spread it around us everywhere we go?

The classes will be recorded so not a problem is you can’t make it to the live call. All classes will also be simulcast over the internet so you don’t need a landline to participate!

This course is for you if:
you are ready to ask yourself some difficult questions about what may be holding you back from having extraordinary health
are wanting to consciously improve your health and happiness with no dogma, fanaticism, fancy techniques or rainbows and dolphins
have seen clearly the impact your emotional health has on the quality of your physical health, your relationships and your life
want to create change in your life without the intense time and financial commitment of working with a therapist over 6 or 8 or 12 weeks or longer
want expert guidance from an experienced health practitioner who practices everything she teaches
incredibly hard on yourself, feel a sense of internal pressure and think that you always come up lacking

In this 4 part teleclass series, you will know:

how to listen to and study your body and mind and use these messages to promote better physical health and stillness of mind
how to use the food you eat every day as a tool to improve your emotional wellbeing
how to boost your immune system and create an internal environment of harmony
how to creatively change the way you feel so that life becomes more of an adventure and less of a hassle
how to easily get out of a negative headspace into one of more lightness and joy
how to use the limited time you have available in your busy life to best serve you and your emotional health
how to be easy on yourself and let go of impossibly high standards
how to transform your relationships into nourishing connections with others using honesty that wipes the slate clean
how to discover your own happiness practice, based on your internal resources and experiences to let go, laugh more and relax
how to get in touch with that sense of wonder, awe and excitement that makes you such a magnificent person and a unique individual

This course includes:
4 x one hour interactive and entertaining teleclasses
worksheets and handouts
downloadable recordings to listen to in your own time
ongoing email support and feedback
personal accountability (otherwise known as a gentle kick up the bum) from me for changes you know you want to make but haven’t yet gotten around to

Week One
What Emotional Health Means To You
How do you treat your emotions when they descent upon you? What is your current relationship with stress? What coping mechanisms (the good, the bad and the ugly) do you use on a daily basis? Gain an in-depth understanding of your emotions and how they can be reflected in the body and mind and used for greater emotional health.

Week Two
Food & Mood
What foods do you eat every day that negatively impact your emotional health? What foods create a smooth and peaceful internal environment? How food can transform your ability to deal with stress every day and how the way you use food can transform your relationship with yourself and the bigger world.
Week Three
Do you have stressful relationships in your life right now? How are they affecting you and what can you do to change the way you relate to that person? Just how do we create magnificent relationships? Consciously listening and using love and honesty to feel good about EVERYONE in our lives.

Week Four
Creating Your Happiness Practice
What makes you feel good? How often do you do it? What can you do to bring in more pleasure and laughter and lightness in your life? What are you attracted to? What has brought you peace and contentment in the past? Creative time management and processes to transform your experience of time and the way you use it and more.

If you’re NOT willing to step outside your comfort zone a little and consciously work on your emotional health, this class is not for you.

If you are, however, ready to change the way you treat yourself and be easier with the crazy busyness of life...

If you are, however, ready to stop thinking (just for a moment)...

Join me!

4 Part Teleclass Series

The Art Of Emotional Health
Creative Ways To Let Go, Laugh More & Relax

Starts Wednesday 28th July
11.00 am AEST (GMT+10) followed by,

Wednesday 4th August
11.00 am AEST (GMT+10)

Wednesday 11th August
11.00 am AEST (GMT+10)

Wednesday 18th August
11.00 am AEST (GMT+10)

All classes will be recorded for you so don’t worry if you can’t make it to the live call. The classes will also be simulcast over the internet so you don’t need a landline to participate!!!

Your investment: $147 for 4 weeks of classes and support


Special investment price of $99 before the 20th July 2010!