Event Date/Time: Sep 14, 2010 End Date/Time: Sep 22, 2010
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This conference is a permanent part of the international Legal education agenda. It now rotates between Taormina Sicily (2007), Rome (2009) and Florence (2009). Sicily is one of the cultural cross roads of civilisations, being a bastion of Greek influence (Archimedes at Siracusa) from the east, the Phoenicians and Arabs (and therefore Islam) from further east, the Romans from the north and the Moors from the south. Add in the Normans and you have a very fertile mix of influences and as such Taormina is an excellent place to refresh and enhance our learning.

Taormina is a pearl of the Mediterranean lapping in its pure crystal clear waters. Take in the Greek colonies of Giardini Naxos, the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento and Archimedes’ Siracusa.
Taormina, in the Province of Messina is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean, rivalling and even surpassing anything the Greek Islands or the Spanish Coast have to offer. Being on the coast of Sicily, Taormina has elements of both Greek and Roman history as well as a Moorish influence. The surrounding area offers totally waters, no pollution and the ability to take in the beautiful Sicilian country side close by Mount Etna. The area is superb and the cuisine is, of course, stupendous. Taormina is also close to the Isola Bella, the grotto of Sant’Andrea, as well as the Greek Amphitheatre (which was actually rebuilt by the Romans in the second century).

Whilst we believe Sicily is totally safe, organisationally as you move south it becomes slightly more problematic. Therefore it is best to visit these islands under the umbrella of an organisation with experience in this part of the world (both the conference manager Rosana Farfaglia and conference director Lorenzo Boccabella have personal links with southern Italy).

A particular legal-scientific edge to this conference will be an exploration of the active volcano on Mount Etna which is also a case study in liability and insurance. Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe, the highest mountain south of the Italian Alps and the largest of the three active volcanos in Italy, three times bigger than ancient Mt Vesuvius. The last time this volcano erupted was May 2008!

Registration cost is $AUD995 for the Australian and international conferences or €625 or $USD875 or for multiple registrations, $AUD795 or €490 or $USD700. Please note that international conferences do not attract GST. Accompanying persons not needing formal registration are free and are welcome to attend all functions and sessions. Please note that rooms will be allocated strictly in accordance with the receipt of the registration fee. If for any reason you wish to cancel your registration (even at the last minute), we can refund your registration fee less a $AUD100 or €60 or $USD90 administration charge. Accommodation once paid can only be refunded at the hotel’s discretion.

We apply on a conference by conference basis for accreditation with the NSW, VIC & QLD Bars and in the past all conferences applied for have been accredited. We are an approved QA provider for the WA Legal Practice Board which means the conference attracts points for WA solicitors and barristers. On our reading of the rules these conferences qualify for continuing education points for solicitors in QLD, NSW & VIC.
Note conference is also styled, the Pan Europe Asia Business Law Conference, which may make it suitable for any of your colleagues involved in business to attend.

CPE Travel Pty Ltd is our licensed travel agency within the conference organisation. Our experienced travel consultants are available to assist you with all travel arrangements including airfares, 2-for-1 packages, car hire, pre-conference and post-conference accommodation. Contact our office to speak with one of our consultants on 07 3254 3331 or email travel@educationcpe.com.

Conference sessions will run a disciplined 4 hours each day generally starting early to late afternoon giving you ample time to explore the city and its surrounds.

Speakers at our conferences in the past have included judges at all levels including the Canadian Court of Appeal, the US Federal Court of Appeal, the Venice International Arbitration Court and other international arbitration bodies, the Italian trial and appeal courts & judges from Australia and NZ at all levels. Other speakers have included legal experts from the World Trade Organisation, the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the Red Cross, the International Labour Organisation, practising lawyers & legal academics from the USA, Europe, Burma, China and of course Australia and NZ and representatives of law enforcement bodies like the money laundering division of the Swiss police and Ireland’s Criminal Assets Bureau.


Via Nazionale 137, 98039 Taormina Mare (ME), Italy