International Conference on Renewable Energy 2011 (ICRE-2011)

Venue: Centre for Non-Conventional Energy Resources

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Event Date/Time: Jan 17, 2011 End Date/Time: Jan 21, 2011
Early Registration Date: Nov 30, 2010
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 15, 2010
Paper Submission Date: Nov 15, 2010
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The deliberations of the conference will cover the following topics:

1.Solar Thermal Applications (ST)
Collector technology
Rural applications
Solar cooling
Solar thermal applications
Solar electric power generation

2.Photovoltaic Technology (PV)
Solar Cell Technology
BOS Components
PV manufacture, testing and certification
Stand alone systems
PV for rural development
PV in the built environment
Utility and grid connection issues
Markets and commercialisation
Financing schemes
National programme

3.Radiation and Solar Materials (RA)
Radiation measurement, modelling, simulation and equipment
Meteorological data relevant to solar application
Solar Materials, spectrally selective materials, measurement and modelling
Glass and glazing products, switchable materials

4.Nuclear Energy (NE)
Nuclear energy techniques, fission, fusion and fast breeder reactors
Instrumentation and controls
Radiation safety/health physics/ risk insurance
Fuel/uranium supply/ Spent fuel storage
Project management practices/tools
Next generation nuclear reactors
Energy policy/ New plant licensing

5.Geothermal Applications(GA)
Underground Science and Technology;
Legislation and Policy;
Industry Development;
Direct Use; and
Power Conversion Technologies

6.Hydroelectric Energy/ Marine/ Oceanography (HE)
Wave and tidal energy resources, measurement, modelling and characterisation
Device modelling, testing and development
Device hydrodynamics, structural integrity, survivability and the marine environment
Environmental impact assessment, protocols and standards
Balance of system � power take-off, sensors and control; grid integration
Towards multiple device deployments and commercialisation
Legislation, policy instruments, finance and markets
Socio-economic assessment, education and training

7.BioEnergy (BE)
Heat and electricity generation
Energy crops and residues
Liquid fuels, BioDiesel
Environmental impacts
Socio-economics and case studies
Gasification processes

8.Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology (FC)
Advances in the science and technology
Proven commercialization reports including economic and policy issues
Hydrogen production technology
Hydrogen storage systems
Fuel Cell Basics
Technology for Stationary Applications
Technology for Transport Applications

9.Wind Energy Applications (WE)
Machines and wind farms
Wind resources and environmental issues
National and Regional programmes
Offshore wind power
Economic and institutional issues
Connection and integration
Small, micro-generation and hybrid systems

10.Policy & Strategy (PS)
Status of renewable energies � globally, regionally, locally
Scenarios for future growth of renewable energy: aiming at 100%
Renewable energies in the economic and financial crisis for sustainable economic growth
The renewable energy mix: wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass and more
Renewable energies and climate change mitigation
Renewable energies and poverty reduction and energy security
International and supra-national institutions and organizations fostering renewable energy
Main drivers and main barriers for rapid growth of renewable energies
Legal and financial framework conditions for investment security
Smart grids, super grid, off-grid: decentralized and/or large scale
Policies for renewable energies in different sectors and different regions: local, regional and national

11.Low Energy Architecture (LEA)
Urban environments: master-planning and infrastructure
Climate: the challenge of adaptation
Construction: green building materials and techniques
Energy consumption: low carbon technologies
Human behaviour: expectations and energy use
Assessment: monitoring and case studies


14 - Vigyan Bhawan,University of Rajasthan

Additional Information

Registration Fee Category Before 30/11/10 On-Site Faculty/Scientist INR 3000 INR 4000 Research Students INR 1500 INR 2500 Foreign Delegates US$ 450 US$ 550 Students from abroad US$ 300 US$ 400 Industry Participants INR 10,000 Industry Participants Abroad US$ 600 Registration includes conference proceedings, tea coffee breaks, lunch and dinner and local sightseeing. Registration before due date is required for inclusion of papers in proceedings. For further details please contact: Accommodation The last date for accommodation request is same as that for registration. Limited accommodation is available in guest houses / Hostels on sharing basis: (Rates are per person per night.) Scholars: INR 200=00 Faculty: INR 500=00