Event Date/Time: Sep 27, 2010 End Date/Time: Sep 29, 2010
Registration Date: Sep 23, 2010
Early Registration Date: Sep 09, 2010
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Yesterday’s risks are known, but what about tomorrow’s? We are entering a New Decade of Information Security!

In the 2000s, “cyber threats” grew up. Social networks emerged as the second home of millions. They attracted both legitimate new business models and new ways to defraud. Identity theft became a household term. From the network-crippling Code Red and Nimda worms of 2001, through financially-motivated rogue security software, SQL injection compromises, the rise of bot-nets, and in 2009 the theft of 130 million credit card numbers, the threats have trended away from “hacking,” for notoriety sake, toward cybercrime, for profit.

In addition to cyber threats, Business Continuity challenges included man-made and natural disasters of a proportion never before experienced. A tsunami washed away thousands of miles of coastlines – and a quarter million lives. Hurricanes left cities underwater for weeks. Earthquakes wiped out local and national infrastructures.

Register now for ConSec 2010 and explore the risks and solutions of tomorrow.
The symposium features two and a half days of topics relevant to you, with a full day of specialty workshops.


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