Event Date/Time: Mar 28, 2011 End Date/Time: Mar 30, 2011
Registration Date: Mar 20, 2011
Early Registration Date: Mar 20, 2011
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As we live in an era of technological innovations in which education is the primary vector for the advancement of societies, it's important to create future generations and training commensurate with the requirements of this age, while maintaining the principles, Islamic values and nationals identity.

The knowledge economy based on this information revolution does not depend on the production of knowledge only, but also means of the effective use of this knowledge, and this requires a fully integrated infrastructure and technical tools effectively to gain knowledge access is smoother and more interactive, and through the provision of innovated educational services, taking the latest development technology, to change from traditional education to developed education using the e-learning methods of teaching and learning.

Regional Center for development of educational Software ReDSOFT as a leading center in the Arab region that focuses on the of development of education in the region by supporting the effective use of information and communication technologies in the educational system, and follow the latest technology in improving the areas of education and training, Regional Center for development of educational Software ReDSOFT considered to take the initiative by holding this important conference e-Learning Regional Conference (eRC 2011) to achieve a number of objectives.

Main Objective:
The main objective is to improve the educational process and seek the development of information-based societies through the use of ICT and application of e-Learning in academic and educational institutions.

Conference Goals:
* Exchange global e-Learning experience.
* Improve educational institutions though the use of best CMSs and LMSs.
* Encourage the development of integrated educational environments based on international standards.
* Identify the latest methods and tools for e-Learning.
* Develop children abilities to interact with e-Learning tools and services.
* Develop teacher's abilities to deal with e-Learning techniques and enrich e-content.
* Encourage parents to integrate and interact with LMSs.
* Access the latest trends in, expectations for and challenges facing e-Learning.
* Raise a spirit of competition among those providing innovative solutions for e-Learning.

Benefits of Conference:
* Published and shared knowledge.
* Exchange of international experience in e-Learning
* Stimulation of interaction between students, schools and parents
* Development of more interesting and striking learning environment
* Provision of opportunities for distance learning and training
* Provision of advanced technologies to increase the effectiveness of the educational process
* Development of an understanding and application of interactive multimedia
* Strengthening of community participation