Event Date/Time: Jan 26, 2011 End Date/Time: Jan 28, 2011
Registration Date: Jan 14, 2011
Early Registration Date: Oct 01, 2010
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The City of Regina is hosting the National Infrastructure Summit, occurring January 26-28, 2011 in Regina. The Summit is the first organized event of its kind, in which all three orders of government and the private sector are invited and encouraged to engage in discussions and workshops from leaders and experts in various fields on global best practices and new approaches to planning, building and maintaining infrastructure. These discussions will lead to recommendations and commitments towards bold, new approaches and alternate ways of financing infrastructure, while managing public and political expectations.

The Summit will conclude with a plan to move forward in a cohesive and coordinated manner, with all three orders of government accepting and sharing responsibility and creating and implementing long-term, out of the box, innovative solutions to eliminating the national infrastructure deficit.

The Summit is the first major step in collectively managing our challenges in a structured, cohesive partnership. During the next year, while current economic stimulus dollars are being delivered, work will be underway to establish common objectives, goals, resolutions and infrastructure solutions that will unify and strengthen relationships between all orders of government.

The future of modern municipalities must be based on a partnership approach, involving all orders of government, alongside the private sector. As we have observed in the recent past, we can achieve great success by partnering with the federal and provincial governments. Together, in the future, we can accomplish even greater things.

The City of Regina’s National Infrastructure Summit offers opportunities for interactive engagement and information sessions in the following areas:

Global best practices
Innovative funding options
Transportation asset management
Urban development
Leading water utility practices

Path Forward
Defining required levels of service
Needs assessment
Optimizing life cycle capital/maintenance costs
Exploration of breakthrough technologies

Importance of collaboration and partnerships
Building the future on past success
Paradigm shift for today’s municipalities
Steps to eliminate national infrastructure deficit

Keynotes & Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Penny Burns, AMQ International’s Principal Director
Topic – Asset Management Strategy

Dr. Burns is an Economist who has been involved in Asset Management Strategy since the early 1980s. She was responsible for a series of eight Parliamentary Reports into the cost and timing of replacing major State Infrastructure Assets in South Australia and subsequently worked with State Auditors – General and the Public Sector Accounting Standards Board to encourage the introduction of accrual accounting into the public sector. This was achieved with Exposure Draft 50 for Local Government in 1989 – many years before accrual accounting was recognized at a public level anywhere else in the world, except for New Zealand.

For twenty years, Dr. Burns was closely involved in every major asset management development in Australia, and many in New Zealand. She invented most of the asset management and Infrastructure Depreciation definitions now in common use around the world and developed the concept papers for the very first Total Asset Management Manual. She has been an academic researcher, Ministerial Adviser, consultant and now editor of the longest running publication in asset management.

The National Infrastructure Summit 2011 aims to engage and encourage discussion from all who attend. The City of Regina is in the process of gathering national and international keynote speakers and experts to help lead and generate discussion on various topics during the three day summit.

The list of keynote speakers will be posted closer to the date of the Summit.