Are you in a Career you Hate? Discover the Fast and Easy Path to Finding Passion in Your Life and C

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Event Date/Time: Aug 11, 2010
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Dorothy Tannahill-Moran’s
Next Chapter New Life presents
The Ultimate Career Change System Teleseminar
Are you in a Career you Hate? Discover the Fast and Easy Path to Finding Passion in Your Life and Career
Is this you?...
Do you feel a lack of passion about your career?
You see other people who are passionate about their career and you want to feel the same.

You want the passion but you don’t know how to find it?
Do you wonder why others have things they’re passionate about and not you?
You think something might be wrong with you.

Are you afraid this is as good as it’s going to get?
You know you want more excitement and joy – you just need to figure this out!

Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions?
If so, it’s time for you to discover how to put passion into your life and career. Join Fellow Expert Career Coach Aubrie DeClerck and myself while we reveal how to unearth passions in your life you never knew existed. In this teleseminar you will find:
• That you don’t need “raw courage” but you do need to know these 7 success factors that anyone can access
• Why we are in search of passion and why it is important to obtain
• The 5 Pearls of Wisdom and insight to make your journey successful
• The easy to follow 5 steps to take that you can use throughout your life; finding passion is not a one-time event!
• Note: All people registered will be sent a recording of this teleseminar, regardless of ability to attend.
BONUS! For signing up for this teleseminar, I’m offering you a complimentary half hour Career Strategy Session where we will: - review your current career challenges – what goals you have – and what moving forward for you would look like. You will leave this session with great insight and direction. I will notify you following the teleseminar for an appointment.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Time: 5:30PM PST / 8:30PM EST
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Length: One hour
Cost: $10.00
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Dorothy Tannahill Moran
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