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Registration Date: Sep 15, 2010
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Program Agenda

Conference Faculty:

City of Regina

Pitblado LLP (Winnipeg)

Fraser Strategy (Regina)
22Fresh (Regina)

WebWalker (Calgary)

University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon)

ZU (Saskatoon)

8:30 - 9:30
Philippe Leclerc – Interactive Communications Manager,
City of Regina

During a crisis Citizens look to their government to provide leadership and direction. A city can be shut down during a snowstorm and the effects range from school closures to service interruptions. Traditionally a PSA would be sent out, however this is the easy part, all media would “pick it up” but what happens on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day? h

Citizens want, need and deserve to be informed of the progress, but how do they find out when the story is “cold”? What about the less then sexy issues?

• When is garbage going to be picked-up?

• When will my sidewalk be cleared?

A well executed Social Media campaign helps to fill in the gaps and gives Citizens the opportunity to stay in touch and to ask the questions that are important to them

• Establishing the importance of Social Media with “on the ground” crews

• Establishing the lines of communication

• Responding to concerns is from 9-5, right?

• Can you build trust and brand advocates during a crisis?

• Using Social Media to help inter-departmental communications

• The crisis is over, now what?

Philippe Leclerc is the Interactive Communications Manager for the City of Regina. He has over 14 years of experience in the interactive industry and has worked with Fortune 500 companies like HSBC, HP, IBM and Citibank. With a career that has taken him to Jordan, Hong Kong, Singapore and back, he brings a global perspective to his local projects. Philippe launched the City of Regina's Social Media presence in 2009. The Facebook page now has over nine thousand fans and has become a place for lively Town Hall discussions.

9:30 - 9:45 Refreshment Break

9:45 - 10:45
Adam Herstein – Partner,
Pitblado LLP

Social Media is everywhere we turn, cutting across many different areas of the law, all at once. In this session, we will examine where Social Media and the law intersect. The overall focus of the presentation will be to learn how you can minimize the risks associated with your organization’s use of Social Media, while creating strategies that allow your organization to maximize the value associated with using Social Media. In this presentation you will learn:

•how Social Media intersects with various aspects and areas of the law:



•Intellectual Property





•how to ask the right question in your organization so you can identify the legal issues posed by your organization’s use of Social Media;

•how to formulate and implement a strategy that takes into account the legal issues and their relation to your organization’s use of Social Media;

•how to take steps to prepare and implement a social media policy; and

•how to create a culture in your organization that embraces Social Media, while being fully cognizant of where Social Media and the law meet up.

Adam practices in the area of corporate commercial law with a particular emphasis on information technology and intellectual property law. In that capacity, Adam advises creators and users of technology with respect to its use, protection and commercialization. His clients include companies involved in internet marketing, search engine optimization, IT security, software development, website development, providers of technology services, videogame developers and many other creators of technology. Adam's practice also involves providing advice to business users of technology in industries such as financial services and health care. Adam is the incoming chair of the Technology and Intellectual Property Law Section of the Manitoba Bar Association, a position he held from 2003 to 2008. Adam is also a former director of IT.Can, the Canadian Technology Lawyers Association.

10:45 - 11:45
Jeff Maystruck Bba – Online Strategy Consultant,
Fraser Strategy

* Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood

Listening to find your audience, then your purpose

* Setting goals is more important than the balance sheet

The goals you set are the backbone of any strategy

* Choosing what not to do

“The essence of Strategy is choosing what not to do.” –Michael Porter

* Cheese Whiz had it and you can too

Put some “personality” in your online communications

* Invest in some digital assets

Valuable content creation

* Start a tribe, all the cool kids are doing it

Find a cause you’re passionate about, find others who think the same. Collaborate on something bigger.

* Metrics + context + actionable items = constant improvement

Measuring your efforts within context, will ensure you have actionable items to constantly improve your online voice.

Jeff began his career with Fraser Strategy in 2008 taking a mentorship position under Trent Fraser to gain the knowledge and background of a marketer. A year into the Fraser Strategy saga, Jeff was put on a research project into online media and what it would mean to the marketing industry in years to come. Shortly after the research began Fraser Strategy was awarded the contract to manage the marketing of the Saskatchewan Pavilion at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Among other things Jeff took on the role of video blogger at the Olympics and was part of the major success that the Pavilion turned out to be.

Jeff is now consulting businesses and organizations about online media and gives presentations regularly on “Why You Need to be Online”. Jeff still assists Trent with various company projects, focusing the majority of his time on online strategy. Besides “work” Jeff loves to coach Volleyball, helps out at Souls Harbour, sits on the board for the Regina Canada Day committee and is a director on the board for the University of Regina Alumni Association.

E-mail: Jeff@fraserstrategy.ca

Blog: http://jephmaystruck.com/

Website: http://fraserstrategy.ca/

Follow me: http://twitter.com/Fraserstrategy

11:45 - 12:45 Luncheon for Delegates & Speakers

12:45 - 1:45
Kip Simon – President,
22 Fresh
# Personal Intro (Describing my passion for networking, socializing at a young age)
# “Our School has been accepted to use “the Facebook” - The original spark for 22Fresh
# The perfect fit: Becoming a partner at Captive Audience – a ‘non traditional media company’
# the first pair of baseball pants – How the hell are we going to sell these to a bunch of local hockey players that play baseball in the summer
# Applying the original spark from my college baseball house: using FACEBOOK. What I did to get this product in front of those that wanted it. Americans.

* The research (Getting them where they go)
* building relationships – with the right people
* buying a Facebook group?
* Building a home(s)
* The hustle: Introducing the 22Fresh Online Army

# What are we doing now? What return are we seeing with social media? What tools are we using?
# Where are we going next?

Kip Simon is a former graduate of the University of Evansville. He spent 4 years playing college baseball in the US where he developed a passion for business, baseball, fashion... and social networking. He is currently a managing partner at Captive Audience as well as the president of 22Fresh; a baseball lifestyle company.

1:45 - 2:00 Refreshment Break

2:00 - 3:00
Doug Walker – President,

• Key differences between planning for mass media and social media
• The critical stages of developing a sound social media strategy
• From setting appropriate objectives to developing a tactical road map
• Developing a risk management plan
• Building community and maximizing social media efforts

Douglas Walker is an award-winning digital and social media strategist with fifteen years of experience in interactive communications. He has in-depth experience designing and implementing social media campaigns that either stand alone or support traditional marketing activities, in a variety of industries. Doug has helped companies enter, engage and develop long-term relationships within social media to: build brands, sell products, enhance reputation and spread word of mouth. His experience includes overseeing Web site design, development and implementation. He is a published book author (Simon & Schuster) and a highly rated speaker at industry conferences and private company events in Canada, the United States, China and South Africa.

Doug’s company WebWalker provides digital strategy and implementation services for large and small companies. He has spent the last fifteen years developing and implementing online strategies for some of Canada’s highest profile brands including General Motors, Molson Breweries, IBM, Microsoft, Rogers AT&T and Scotiabank.

3:00 - 4:00
Mike Klein – Senior Online Communications Strategy,
University of Saskatchewan

It is a period of civil war. Social media marketers striking from their Twitter accounts, have won their first victory against the evil Traditional Marketing Empire. During the battle, Social marketers managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Fear Mongering, a tired set of questions with little power to hold back the future. Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, a lone marketing professional races home aboard his Facebook profile, custodian of the secret plans that can save his people and restore freedom to the galaxy…

• Learn how to calm social media fear
• Starting with measurement
• What is social media good for?
• Finding tweeps
• Choosing the right tools
• Social media behavior
• Getting started

Mike is a passionate marketing strategist and graphic designer with over a decade of experience helping organizations solve their marketing problems. He is a strong advocate of online marketing and he loves to connect with new people and talk about big ideas. During the day Mike is employed at the University of Saskatchewan as the Senior Online Communications Strategy, where he works to help provide vision, leadership and coordination to the university’s online presence. When he’s not glued to Twitter he likes to spend time fly fishing, reading and playing his mandolin.

4:00 - 5:00
Ryan Lejbak – CEO & Co-Founder,

• Join zu CEO Ryan Lejbak as he reviews the recipe for a perfect storm: 1 part website, 1 part mobile, 1 part social media
• Relive the experience of developing TimmyMe, a leading mobile application for a leading Canadian brand, Tim Hortons
• Gain insight into the creative process behind designing a mobile application for Coldstone Creamery
• See how Areva used video to ramp up their careers campaign
• Learn how Potash Corp used emergency blogs to assist with crisis management
• Review how the City of Saskatoon reached out to citizens through social media
• Take away examples of other organizations that have successfully integrated social media into their online strategies
• Learn how to use social media to enhance communications initiatives and marketing campaigns while reducing costs
• Walk away with an updated perspective in how your organization can use web, mobile and social media tools to achieve your business goals

Ryan champions zu's exploration of advancing interactive technology. With his enthusiasm for charting new territory and his steadfast moral compass, Ryan is always demonstrating that being a techno-junkie doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment, community involvement or just treating people really well.

Ryan co-founded zu in 1995. He has demonstrated superior thought-leadership in the industry as a guest speaker across Canada and the USA on social media, Internet marketing, mobile and other hot topics. He uses a Mac, is as assistant coach for the Huskie football team and saves orca whales in his spare time.

5:15 Conference concludes


1919 Saskatchewan Drive

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