Advanced Furnace Optimisation and Flaring Reduction (AFOFR)

Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Event Date/Time: Oct 04, 2010 End Date/Time: Oct 06, 2010
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Advanced Furnace Optimisation and Flaring Reduction

4th - 6th October 2010

J.W Marriott,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

*** An in-depth and concise training course giving you real world, practical insights through interactive exercised, discussions and case study analyses of industrial furnaces and gas flaring ***

“Dr. Pohl's expertise further strengthens ORYXE Energy's ability to deliver innovative emission reduction technologies that provide significant value for our customers.”

~ Chairman and CEO of ORYXE Energy.


This course will provide greater understanding of the principles and practices associated with efficient design and optimum operation of fuel-fired furnaces and gas flaring, with emphasis on enabling participants to improve the thermal efficiency of their plant and products.

This three-days workshop is also designed for maintenance personnel who are responsible for the installation, troubleshooting, repair, improvement design, and maintenance of liquid petroleum or natural gas furnaces. Information on how to properly adjust burners for maximum efficiency and safe operation is presented.
Also, how to use waste gases from flaring can be used beneficially in furnaces will be presented.

Why you need to attend this course

As global demand for energy continues to grow, the oil and gas industry is continually applying technological and operational improvements to meet that demand. Energy efficiency improvements are a key component to meeting demand while reducing both costs and greenhouse gas emissions as the industry produces oil and gas from more challenging areas and refines products from less desirable feed-stocks.
Industrial furnaces and gas flaring are also a major source of carbon and other emissions. The furnace and gas flare designer and use must satisfy the often conflicting requirements of reducing operating costs, increasing production throughput, and improving product quality
The combustion of fuel in the process industry represents the largest single operating cost of operations (30%). It is also the largest single contributor to environmental emissions.

This training session is designed to provide detailed information on how process furnaces and gas flare, work, how to reduce the emission that harmful to environment and how to use waste gases beneficially for furnaces.
In addition an explanation of the characteristics, operating conditions, important tips and guidelines to optimise the heater efficiency is provided. And also, explanation of the usage of waste gases, design and mechanism of using waste gases beneficially for furnaces that can reduce operating cost.
The trainer also will share his experiences in designing the combustor to recover energy from waste gases and improving combustor performance.
Trainer is an Author of 160 technical papers and co-author of the book: Combustion Science and Technology.

ATTENTION to all our Past delegates who attended our PAST "Advanced Furnace Operations, Optimisation and Environmental Management" in Kuala Lumpur (April, 2010)
The differences between the past events and the new are:
New topic of Gas Flaring
Reason was:
-. The continuing issue that greenhouse gas emissions (that are harmful to the environment) are increasingly produced by oil and gas industried and refineries. One of the equipment to reduce the emissions is a gas flare
-. United Nation started to force every nation that produces gas flaring to reduce or stop the gas flaring. The World Bank founded Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFRP) in 2003.

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