The 2nd Conference on Horticulture Science and Technology

Venue: Beijing

Location: Beijing, China

Event Date/Time: Dec 18, 2010
Paper Submission Date: Oct 08, 2010
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(All submissions should include, but are not limited to the followings)
1.The Latest Techniques and Research Advances of Horticultural Breeding (including vitro culture medium technique, Protoplast Isolation technique, genetic engineering, molecular marker technique, aseptic technique, tissue culture technique, aerospace breeding and etc. )
2. Protected Horticulture and Tourism Agriculture
3. Key Culture Techniques of Protected Horticulture
4. Greenhouse Environment Control Technology
â‘´. Applications of High Technology in Greenhouse Environment Control (Including artificial intelligence, fuzzy control, machine vision, wireless sensor, infrared spectrum detection technology, data warehouse technique, numerical simulation, communications and networking technique, neural networks and etc.)
⑵. Research on Greenhouses Wall Materials
⑶.Greenhouse Environment Data Acquisition Technique
â‘·. Greenhouse Irrigation Control System
⑸. Greenhouse Alarm System
⑹. Greenhouse Nutrition Solution Regulating System
⑺. Research on Arithmetic about the Temperature of a Connected-greenhouse
â‘». Design of Energy-saving Solar Greenhouse
⑼. The Modeling and Simulation and Optimization of Greenhouse Climate Environment
⑽. The Latest Research Results and Case Analysis of Greenhouse Environment Control
5. Modern Cultivation Technology
6. Research on Theory and Technology of Post-harvest Processing and Preservation and Treatment of Crops
7. Plant Disease and Insect Pests Control and Prevention Technique and Work Safety
8. Ornamental Horticulture and Gardens
9. The Industrialization and Sustainable Development of Horticulture