Critical Psychology & Empathic Counseling in an Era of Evidence-Based Practice: THE VALUE OF CLINICA (ICSPP2010)

Venue: Renaissance Hotel

Location: Syracuse, New York, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 07, 2010 End Date/Time: Oct 09, 2010
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Thirteenth Annual Conference of the
International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology Inc in collaboration with It’s About Childhood & Family Inc

Critical Psychology & Empathic Counseling in an Era of Evidence-Based Practice: THE VALUE OF CLINICAL WORK, ETHICS AND SUPERVISION

October 8-9, 2010
Preconference Workshops - October 7

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A must for parents, teachers, students and mental health professionals

Featured speakers: Robert Whitaker, David Cohen, Tomi Gallory, Keith Hoeller

Oct. 7, 2010 PreConference Workshops include:

Morning Sessions:
A. David Stein PhD “Effective Parenting: Caregivers Skills Program (CSP)”

B. Wendy West-Pidkaminy LCSW “Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA)”

C. Norbert Wetzel ThD “Justice Matters: A School and Community-Based Counseling Model for Multi-Stressed Adolescents and their Families”

D. June Rickli, MS LMHC CCPT-S RPT “Child Centered Play Therapy”

Afternoon Sessions:

A. David Stein PhD “Effective Parenting: Caregivers Skills Program (CSP)” – Part 2

B. Wendy West-Pidkaminy LCSW “Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA)” – Part 2

C. Jacqueline Sparks PhD “How to Listen to Clients, Not Medications”

David Cohen Ph.D. - Banishing the Psychoactive: FDA Evaluations of Psychiatric Drugs

Oct. 8 & 9, 2010 over 30 presentations, lectures and panel discussions from International Experts in Mental Health, psychology and child psychiatry

Robert Whitaker - Anatomy of an Epidemic

Jacqueline Sparks Ph.D. - Being Consumer-Directed in a Medical-Directed Universe

Tomi Gomory Ph.D. - What's the Evidence on Evidence-Based Practice?

Keith Hoeller, PhD - Medical Ethics and Psychotherapy: The Existential Therapy of Thomas Szasz

Stuart Kirk PhD, Tomi Gomory PhD, David Cohen PhD - Community Tx, DSMs, and Drugs: Fifty Years of Fake Psychiatric Progress

Jeffrey LaCasse PhD and Jonathan Leo PhD - Do Elite Medical Journals Require Compliance with Clinical Trial Registration? A Five-Year Study of High-Impact Mental Health Publications

David Stein PhD - Adolescent Treatment Program

Caccia, Lew Ph.D. - Critical Psychology and Critical Pedagogy: Helping Students Think through Issues of Difference

Crowder, Carolyn Ph.D. - The Adlerian Interpretation of Illness

Edmunds, Dan Ph.D. - The Meeting of Two Persons: What Therapy Should Be

Edmunds, Sarah Ph.D. - Compassionate Communication--An Empathic Approach to Healing and Resolving Conflict

Felio-Skudina, B. Deborah Felio, M.A. - Changing Places in Therapy: Empowering Patients to become the Context for Healing Their Child

Galves, Al Ph.D. - Biopsychiatry is Out of Touch with Human Nature

Kean, Brian Ph.D. - Transition from Primary to High School: An Analysis of Changes In Developmental Understanding of Bullying

Kean, Brian Ph.D., Weatherby-Fell, Noelene Ph.D. - Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, and the Creation of a Climate that Fosters the Social and Emotional Well-Being of Our Children.

McKenzie, Clancy M.D. - The Origin and Mechanisms of Serious Mental and Emotional Disorders

McLaren, Niall M.D. - Drifting into Fraud: The Strange Case of the Biopsychosocial Model

Myles, Aleisa Psy.D. (candidate) - The Power Differential in Psychology and Psychiatry: What are the Critical Questions?

Parker, Judith V. Ph.D. - Mind Over Medication

Root, Elizabeth, MSW - Rescuing Children from the Psychiatric Maelstrom: Promising Practices on the Horizon

Ross, Lloyd Ph.D. - The Dynamics of Hearing Voices: Cause and Treatment of Hallucinations

Seitler, Burton Ph.D,. Ross, Lloyd Ph.D., and Sliclen, Robert Ph.D. (panel presentation) - You’re No Body ‘Til Some Body Loves You

Seitler, Burton Ph.D. - Enhancing Neuroplasticity: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with an Adolescent Born with a Brain Disorder

Seitler, Jeanne PsyD. - Quandaries of the Transgendered

Stolzer, Jeanne Ph.D. - Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or Nature Deficit Disorder? A Bio-evolutionary Perspective

Stone, George MSW - Dancing with the Mystery: Ritual as the Universal Context for Managing Social Relations

Szlek, Elizabeth J. Ph.D. (candidate) .- Finding the Reason: The Uses of Empathy in Counseling Teens

Tarantola, Joseph, M.D. - The Vagaries and Vicissitudes of Diagnosis

Tenaglia, Phillip M.A. - Setting the Context for Creative Problem Solving

Wetzel, Norbert Th.D .- Fighting for Justice in the DSM-framed World of "Mental Health"


701 East Genesee St
New York
United States

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