World Companion Diagnostics Summit

Venue: Boston

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 30, 2010 End Date/Time: Dec 02, 2010
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All the major drug developers have committed to the vision of personalized medicine. This is the future, but it is companion diagnostics that represent the big near term opportunity for drug developers to seize. The benefits of getting the right drug to the right patient by tailoring treatments to selected patient groups defined by biomarkers are huge, including:

- Delivering better, safer and more efficacious treatments
- Reducing drug development risk and increasing probability of regulatory success
- Improving R&D productivity
reducing cost of drug development

Ultimately, increasing efficiency of drug development and optimizing patient care. It's an attractive proposition, but successfully co-developing a drug and diagnostic is fraught with major difficulties that are currently preventing the widespread success of this strategy. For instance:

- Identifying the right biomarker that could lead to companion diagnostic development (as early as possible in drug development)
- Developing a robust biomarker assay in advance of the clinic
- Developing a companion diagnostic before reaching phase 3 trials
- Simultaneously achieving approval of a drug and diagnostic
- Achieving reimbursement

The World Companion Diagnostics Summit, Boston, November 30th - December 3rd, will be addressing exactly these most crucial challenges. Developed in collaboration with the companion diagnostic pioneers from Roche, Genentech, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck, Amgen and Bristol-Myers Squibb amongst others, the meeting has evolved from the urgent need for those committed to personalized medicine to come together and share expertise that will underpin the path for making companion diagnostics a reality.

What's on the agenda at World Companion Diagnostics Summit?

- Identifying critical biomarkers for companion diagnostic development. Generating robust biomarker hypotheses, deciding when to commit to a biomarker program, determining which biomarkers have most clinical relevance

- Achieving clinical validation of Companion Diagnostics, ensuring biomarker assay is developed before reaching the clinic, improving clinical trial design with companion diagnostics, achieving validation of both drug and diagnostic together,

- Addressing the Commercial and regulatory viability of companion diagnostics - how to achieve reimbursement, anticipating regulatory hurdles, assessing the value of your companion diagnostic throughout development

- Finding the optimal partnering solutions to successfully develop a companion diagnostic - who is the best partner? What is the selection criteria? What is the best deal structure? When should you partner? Ensuring compatibility of business models

- Making companion diagnostics a clinical reality - ensuring healthcare providers will use your diagnostic, aligning drug and diagnostic development timelines for simultaneous release to market, strategies for co-promotion of a diagnostic and drug, developing a transferable assay compatible with the clinical routine

Who's the meeting for?

This meeting has been designed to provide invaluable information to drug developers finding the best way to incorporate companion diagnostics into drug development, right from biomarker identification and assay validation to clinical development and commercialization of the companion diagnostic, including those involved with:

- Biomarkers
- (companion) diagnostics
- Translational medicine
- Pharmacogenomics/pharmacogenetics
- Personalized medicine
- Clinical strategy/development
- Regulatory affairs
- Commercial development

All will benefit from this frank and open discussion of the latest strategies for successfully developing companion diagnostics and improving the quality and efficiency of R&D results.

For more information please:

Call: +44 (0) 203 1418 700